Sunday, April 12, 2015

Whew...I'm tired!

Man this week at work was so very, very hectic...I came home each evening just pooped...I fed my critters and my fur babies, put on my night gown to watch a little TV only to fall asleep (thank goodness for DVRs) to not awaken until morning and then start the day all over again! Well, only 3 more days until no more filing time...we are doing extensions just as fast as I can...LOL!  Then it will be back to a lady of leisure to do my own thing again....YEA!  I have enjoyed this little (3 months) break of working again though. 
Yesterday I spent doing a few things I have cleaning and storing away the heating blankets for the outside kitty condos....washing and drying all their bedding...putting out new boxes for them to sleep/play in...storing away my winter sweats and all litter boxes and putting in all fresh new litter....dusting away the hairballs and dust bunnies....washing and drying all my bedding and remaking the bed....getting a haircut....buying some new plants and potting soil...spreading weed & feed on the lawn....and of course feeding all of them and wonder when I put on my gown to stretch out and watch the NASCAR race (was here this week) I fell asleep after about 105 laps, but awoke before the end and got to see my JJ (Jimmie Johnson # 48) win it...then I went back to sleep until 4:30 this morning.  Today is a finish up the wash day and try to catch up on my friend's blogs....but....Sideways has other ideas....he wants to sleep on my mouse and my hand trying to prevent me from typing....LOL!  See...
Every time I try to remove my hand, he grabs it with his claws to bring it back.  I think I have created a little stinker, he follows me around everywhere just like a puppy and he cries for me to pick him up and snuggles with me at night...and is sooooooo sweet! I guess he is really thankful for rescuing him.  He doesn't wobble as much on his legs now, but his eyesight has not improved nor has the development of his teeth, he still only has the 4 eye teeth and he is constantly biting his tongue....poor baby, but I love him to death and he is the man of this harem around here....ROFLMAO!
I am so far behind on my scrapping, have so many photos of the great nieces and great nephews to scrap, that I will probably have enough to keep me busy for a couple of months after this job ends.  I did manage to create another QP for Miriam's Scraps that you might want to's what it looks like. If you would like it, just drop by her site and pick it up.  I used her MK19 kit to create it.
Well, I need to stand up for a bit and it is about time for the dryer to stop, so need to hang up my clothes and get ready for tomorrow...will chat more next time with y'all and hopefully I can catch up on everyone's lives that I have missed.  I think Facebook misses many messages...LOL! I think I will try to pot or replant some of the plants I bought yesterday before the rains hit this afternoon.  Y'all have a great week ahead and make lots and lots of memories to share with us....Hugs until next post! Mat


  1. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Obrigada pela visita e por suas amáveis palavras.
    Gosto de ler o que você escreve sobre seu dia a dia e sobre seus gatinhos. Aqui só tenho 2 poodles que são muito carinhosas também.
    Querida amiga, um domingo maravilhoso e uma semana fantástica para você e sua família!
    Abraços, Neli.

  2. translated by Google.....
    Good afternoon, dear friend Matt!
    Thank you for visiting and for your kind words.
    I love to read what you write about your daily life and about her kittens. Here I only have two poodles that are very affectionate too.
    Dear friend, a wonderful Sunday and a fantastic week for you and your family!
    Hugs, Neli.

  3. No wonder you are pooped out!!!! Gosg, you have been busy like a tornado, aside from your temporary job!!!
    It is about time this ends a bit and you will have a "lazy"life again.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    With all that you had to do, it's so sweet to take a moment for that!
    May be you got a bit of update on my blog, lately we have kind of busy days too.
    Some filled with not too bad things, others with "necessary"things LOL.
    Hopefully soon there will be some structure in it again.
    Have a wonderful week, by the end of it I hope you will be able to really realx and catch on some sleep and new energy!

  4. I'm finally getting caught up on my blog reading. My goodness, you are super busy! Now that tax season is winding down, you'll be able to slow down a bit and relax. Your "sideways" sounds like such an awesome kitty. One of our house (adopted) cats is all black. Lately he is getting more "huggy". I think he too is very appreciative to have a nice safe home.

    I'm doing my best to get rid of the cold/bug that I caught. So far, I'm not winning the battle. Oh well, maybe with another week or rest - we'll see.

    You have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Edna B.