Friday, July 31, 2015

Goodbye July

Jade & Ruby in a free QP by Arlene using Kyra's (With A Russian Dutch Heart) Kit Galina
Bud (Jayson) in a lovely freebie QP from Eudora Designs.
 Little Miss Hayden in a lovely free QP by my friend Edna at Miss Edna's Place
 This QP was made using a freebie QP by Miss Boots at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place and 2 backgrounds and some flower elements from Kyra's kit Breathless.
 This photo was made by Annabeth's Aunt Hannah and place in a cute freebie frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado da Neli. The bottom photo is of sweet Eliza being held by her daddy at church in a cute free QP from My Memories by Sugarmoon called Lovey Dovey.

The bottom three pages are free QPs I created using a soon to be released kit by Miriam's Scraps if you want to zip on over to her site and pick them up.
Today is the last day of July, can you believe we are ready to start the 8th month of this year already? School starts for many in 2 weeks. Seems like it's been a really short summer, but probably because we had rain for most of June and high humidity and heat for July, so have been stuck inside a lot.  Now with all the West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes being trapped & sprayed for, you can't even enjoy going out after the sun goes down (not that the lower 90's and upper 80's at night is cool, but the sun is not beating on you)! Today we have a cold front pushing through....yippee....dropping from the 104 (heat index of 107) yesterday to only 98 today....but the main thing it will be pushing the humidity it will still be hot, but not as unbearable.  Our electricity regulator board put out a request yesterday by text messages to conserve the use of electricity between 3-7 pm so they would have enough to not have to do rolling brown, I closed all my drapes and blinds, upped the AC to 78 (from 75) and shut off everything extraneous (computer-lights-ceiling fans-chargers-lights, etc) and stayed in my cool bedroom with only the TV going...I did my part! LMBO!!
My nephew, Lamar, had to have an emergency cholescystectomy on Wednesday, all went okay and he was released to go home last evening...the doctor told Penny half of the gallbladder was green or already dead so it had to come out and he was hit with massive antibiotics.
Other than doing regular house chores and taking care of my fur and feathered has been a little dull but oh so enjoyable around here.  I did get to reorganize some of my scrapping files and clean my computer hard drive and catch up on some books as well as binge watching some things on Netflix. In other words, just being really lazy and enjoying the heck out of it....ROFL!!
Well, off here to make sure all the trash and recycle bins are out for collection...all the wash is caught up, so I need to clean 2 bathrooms and sweep, vacuum and mop and will be finished with the house chores...maybe an hour or 2, then I can settle in for another series to binge on. Y'all have a marvelous weekend ahead, make lots and lots of memories to share! Chat more with you next time.  Hugs, Mat


  1. How wonderful sometimes a bit boring life can be!
    And when it is so hot it is the best to not be in action too much.
    Here we have again real nice weather, it can stay this way till next spring for me LOL.
    You have made again lots of layouts, I must admit you are much more active on scrapbooking than me at the moment.
    I try every time to finish off a kit and think about the next, but not coming a lot out of my hands. But I might finish this weekend a new kit, well, I am hoping to do so.
    Jan is sitting in the garden, making a crossword, taking it easy, because later this afternoon he has his volunteerwork to go to again.
    I was gathering some seeds in the garden, and now catching up on some blogs.
    Have a terrific weekend, hopefully nt too humid and warm.

  2. Bom dia, querida amiga Mat!
    Muito obrigada pelas visitas e por suas palavras carinhosas.
    Quanta coisa linda no seu blog! Gostei muito das QP que você fez, são de muito bom gosto e muito lindas!
    Parece que vocês já estão entrando no outono aí, creio que a chuva no início do verão atrapalhou um pouco, não é?
    Espero que seu sobrinho melhore logo, amiga.
    Desejo que seu fim de semana seja muito feliz, cheio de alegria e paz.
    Abraços, Neli.

  3. You scrap layouts are beautiful. I am amazed at how busy you manage to be when it is so unbearably hot and sticky!! Your new QP's are lovely. As soon as I have finished clearing out a lot of old files from my laptop, I'll be hopping to Miriam's blog.

    I try not to complain too much about the hot weather here because I realize that it is much hotter in your part of the country. I don't think I could handle temps with three digits.

    You take care and try to stay cool. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. translated by Google.....
    Good morning, dear friend Matt!
    Thank you for visits and for their kind words.
    What a beautiful thing on your blog! QP greatly appreciated what you did, are very tasteful and very beautiful!
    It seems that you are already entering in the fall there, I think the rain in early summer fumbled a bit, right?
    I hope your nephew better soon, friend.
    I wish that your weekend is very happy, full of joy and peace.
    Hugs, Neli.