Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy Birthday to you guys!!

Today, my twin nephews (Penny) will turn 31....can't believe it, I still remember when they came into this world. I created a page using a kit called Our Three Sons (Collab kit by A-manda & Nibble Scribbles at DSS) to make a memory for them that I posted on Facebook. The photos are copied via Photomyne from snapshots in a frame sitting in my bedroom. They are twins, but such totally different young men. Lance is the outdoors type, married and has 3 children of his own. Lamar is the bookworm, who prefers to be alone with just his laptop! They are good boys ('scuse me, they are still boys to me...LOL)!
Yesterday was my BIL, Jim's birthday (Kathy), so scrambling around to find some photos, I ran across one made in 1976 when they were stationed at Ft. Walton Beach that I extracted him from and put in a free QP from Mirella at LTH Designs that I put on Facebook as well. He has been my BIL a long time and I hope it stays that way for a long time yet.
The 15th Miss Hayden (Lance) turned 8 and I had to do a memory page for my sweet girl. She is so smart, staying a straight A student and loving going to school! She made the honor roll again and got another perfect attendance award. Her photo is in a Glamorous Girl QP#4 by Brigit.
Not to be outdone, here's sweet little sisters Annabeth & Eliza (Amy) in a page I needed to make cause Amy sent such sweet photos of them. The QP is a freebie by Fecnikek
And of course, I got this freebie kit by Carin Grobin Designs called Midnight that I just had to put the photos of Batgirl and Robinette (Amy) on the bat background.
I ran across this cute QP by Dea using ATS Kit of  Mediterrean Nights that I just could help but make this for Amy as a remembrance of  their first family vacation since it was a beachy scene.  I added sand and splash by Manu.
Another awesome photo by Christina of Jason and the kids at their annual trek to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard. Got this terrific free QP from Digital Scrapbooking Studio that I just had to use to do this remembrance of!

This is a TBT page I did of me from 1971, that I did NOT post anywhere else but here for me and my book...LMBO! The QP just fit the photo too well, not to scrap it.

Okay, 'tis enough of boring y'all for now. Sorry, been in a pensive mood lately as I am dealing with (a "potential" medical problem) that is taking way too long to the scrapping takes my mind off of it. No need to worry yet, so staying busy! Now, time to get off my hiney and do something constructive...or at least pretend to anyway...ROFL!
Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are and remember to fill it making lots and lots of memories to share! Until next chat....Hugs, Mat

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  1. Bu the number of layouts you've made, you really tried to keep busy. But waht is that "medical"problem? I hope it isn;t something really serious????
    Although sometimes your weather may be a bit too hot and so, I am a little bit jealous of the temperatures. Okay, 80 F would do nicely for us LOL.
    Still it looks nice enough here, later in the week temps will go down to around 10C, pity.
    I really should take advantage of this still nice weather to clean up more in the garden but I am afraid I am kind of lazy today LOL,
    And the speed skating season has started again and this weekend there are the 1st. clashes, so to speak.
    And I also watched a bit of figure skating, also just started the season Lovely!
    You have a nice weekend and hopefully you can avoid worrying too much.