Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shhhh....Baby go night night

When I saw Linda's Random Thoughts Wordart today, I just had to use it. No TV, no radio, all our work is done and the humidity is too oppressive to be outside so we are just relaxing. I took these photos of what they are doing while I check blogspots and chat with my "other" family members. MzKitty is on one end of my headboard and Pumpkin on the other on their own pillows, while Oreo is on the desk in front of me and the computer. Don't they look sweet? Anyhow, you get to see another page of my babies as they sleep! Thanxs to Biebels scraps for the kit I used that is from the Fall Splendor blogtrain and of course, Miss Linda's beautiful wordart that inspired the page. I think I feel like a nap now....LOL! Have a great weekend! Later y'all! Mat

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