Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last Blog for a couple Weeks

I spent most of the day yesterday trying to scrap until I dropped, almost made it...LOL! I am in a lot of pain today because of it, but felt I just had to get these done...just wanted to do nothing but scrap. Here's the results of spending the day in front of the computer....Thanx for all the good wishes, fabulous hugs and prayers, I need them all. Luv y'all bunches...Later, Mat Miss Amy and her daddy Weymond. She was bridesmaid, he was best man at Lance/Margaret wedding. The lacy envelope is from Cindee, the frame is by Carol, the WA is by Linda. Jason, Christin, Jade & Ruby at Grants Farms. Kit is by Cuddlebeez, I made the butterflies. This is another kit by cuddlebeez, Jef & Tiffany, my nephew and his wife. These are Penny/Weymond's twins Lance & Lamar, as different in personality as looks. The photo is from Lance's wedding, the kit is a freebie by Cuddlebeez 30/30. This photo is as Lance/Margaret were leaving their wedding. Another of the freebies 30/30 by Cuddlebees and WA by Miss Linda.Can't forget my girls. The BG is from Angelscrappers Maui Sunrise, the Lilies are from my front yard. Not sure where the frame is from no TOU! Just could not resist this one, was laying on the floor when I looked up and snapped this...her whiskers are white, but the the drop shadow made them darker. This is from SBF.

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