Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Baaaaack!!

Whew!...what a surgery! Here it is a month tomorrow since my shoulder had 4 anchors and some "chains" screwed into it and I am finally able to type somewhat. It has been a painful process, but am doing better daily. I am still in a sling (limiting mobility of the use of the right arm) for another 2 weeks before the INTENSE therapy starts. I feel like it has already been the 4 months of imposed immobility...LOL! I finally attempted driving using the one arm this week when I drove to therapy myself...scary, but successful! Anyhow, I am receiving great care and assistance from friends and loved ones, especially the constant companionship of "the girls"!

Just wanted all to know I am still around, healing and improving daily. I thank all of you for your visits here, the encouraging words, prayers, love and hugs left each day, the healing juleps left for me and the ones Thelma drank to help me, the kind cards, pages and e-mails from all my "sisters" that have helped me immensely! I love all of you!

I have been working on these pages for over a week, kind of SLOOOOOW using my left hand to operate the mouse, etc. They may not be exactly what I wanted, but I just had to do something with Angelscrappers new Fall Splendor kit. This has taken all morning to do this post and I hope you enjoy the pages.

Thanx for the Bambi award ladies! i got this from Jax @ Lavendel Creations, Rose @ Wanchuchen, Judy @ Judy's Blog and Verony @ dusty hollow. I appreciate all of you for thinking of me. Chat later y'all,.....Luv, Mat MzKitty sits on the back of the couch watching me as I do some of my exercises or fighting Oreo for my lap.Everywhere I go, the bed, the computer, the couch....Oreo thinks she has to be in my lap soothing.Pumpkin just has to be in the room where I am and sits close but not in my lap as of yet, but will lay beside me on the bed if she can find a spot between the other two.


  1. These are gorgeous pages ~ I am so glad your 'girls' are looking after you x ((Hugs))
    Jacquii xxx

  2. Happy to hear your feeling a little better. Just stopped by to leave you some love. Great pages!

  3. Glad to see you up and about i bet the kitties are spoiled rotten and rightly so too, gorgeous pages well done