Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Rainy Sunday!

Another Rainy Sunday perfect for making new pages using some new techniques I've learned! I am having too much fun and sitting here too much when I have other things to do, but hey, I'm retired now and who is to tell me to get up and do something? No one, so here I sit, just creating away! LMAO...and loving every minute of it!! Here's a couple more masks I made and of course, my choice of photos are "the girls", why not since I have a lot of photos of them. This I made this morning using a freebie brush for the heart shaped mask, the BG paper is appropriate for it is by Cuddlebeez called Rainy Days Papers, I've used Elegant wordart, the cat tower is from Lindalou Creations kit called Puss, the mouse is from RDH designs kit called Cat Society and the label is Cat's life elements with no TOU! The pawprints are also a freebie brush. This one is Pumpkin in a mask I created using freebie brush (? forgot to write it down ?)but the background here is from the huge, huge, huge Shine On Blog Train that so reminded me of her. I adore this photo!O well, enough for now, got to get up and move around a little, think I'll go take a shower and relax the shoulders....LOL! Y'all have a terrific Sunday! Chat with ya later! Luv, Mat

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