Friday, March 19, 2010

Wow the weekend is here!

We've had typical Spring weather this week, today it is a little windy, it is 73 degrees right now, gorgeous and sunshiny! This Saturday is the first official day of Spring, right? Wrong, the wind is supposed to shift and usher in a front from the northwest bringing rain tonight and tomorrow THAT COULD SWITCH OVER TO SNOW!! Can you believe it? This has been the wierdest, snowiest, rainiest, coldest winter I have ever experienced in Texas! All the trees are blooming, the daffodils are out, the wild flowers including the Bluebonnets are beginning to bloom and we are expecting SNOW and temps to drop into the low 30's? It is not supposed to get above 50 tomorrow and Sunday is to be cold and wet all day too! O well, I was packing up all my sweats and cords to put away for the season, guess I will keep the box handy for a couple more weeks. I took the flannel sheets off too! Will have to plug the electric blanket back in I suppose for a couple more nights...LOL! I've been pretty busy and trying to relax my back and shoulder some, but got some new photos off Facebook of Ruby & Jade so made a couple quick pages, can't do those 2 without doing one of here's 3 new pages. Have a terrific weekend, whatever you happen to be doing, make it fun and memorable. Chat with ya more next time. Luv, MatMiss Ruby in her Pink Hat is so adorable in Angelflights Rustic Dream QP2Jade's new haircut is so cute in the Angelflight Shabby Chic QP7Hayden in a page using Waiting for Spring Kit by LizMx and the Wordart is Miss Boots' from Random Thoughts

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