Monday, May 3, 2010

All My Children

This is my mother's day page for me! Sitting here just wasting time and playing with making some wordart for my "girls" (like I've got nothing else to! These words just appeared to me and I played with them a little before I decided on this! Just added papers from different kits by Cuddlebeeze and my most recent photos made last week of MzKitty, Oreo and Pumpkin. How can you not love those sweet little faces? I'm going to miss them while gone to my niece's (AMY) wedding this next weekend! (Mother's Day is Sunday, don't forget!) Well, got to get finished with last minute stuff for work, my house cleaned....etc so guess I will cut this short and chat with all y'all later! Have a terrific week ahead! Luv, Mat

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