Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Finally Friday~~

I got a lot accomplished this week. Caught up with some long overdue, been put on the back burner too long projects. Feels good too! I also got to do a little more scrapping since I can now use my PS on my laptop. It is still slower than a turtle, but I can at least use PS. Sure wish I could get it installed on my PC....argh!! I can't get SBF to work on my new computer either....O of these days....MAYBE...things will be back like it should be. One can only hope so anyhow.
We are having summer temperatures here in Winter....hit 85 yesterday and supposed to be a repeat today. Hope this is not a sign of an insufferably excessive hot Summer. Sure do need some rain...only .01 so far this month. I am having to water the lawn already. After listening to my poor northern "sisters" talk of their incredibly cold and bitter winter...I feel very fortunate. Any of you that need to be thawed out, come on down and I will try my best to send a heat wave in your directions. I think I will go to the Botanical Gardens this weekend to snap a few photos of the lovely blooms that are already in full display. Wanna go with me?
Well, got to get my shower and do my hair and makeup, going to see my doctor today for the results of the nuclear stress tests, then gotta go get the "girls" some food and a few things for me as well. I HATE to shop, so best go get it over with. Hope that all of you have a terrific weekend and make lots and lots of fun memories to share. Will chat with you again soon. Luv, Mat
Here's my attempts yesterday. A page for Penny of her granddaughter Hayden. It's a Cuddlebeeze QP with a photo snitched from Margaret's facebook. Here's one for Kathy of her grandbabies Jade and Ruby in a page created from Lynneboo's Grandchildren kit and photos snitched from Christina's facebook.
Here's my babies in a page created using MegaCat kit by COLS. My photos I took.
And another of my sisters and I using SBF sisters freebie kit and my photos.

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