Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Baaaack from a little vacation~

Did ya miss me? I took a few days and visited my sister and her family in south Georgia. I so needed the break from here and was so happy to help her with some remodeling she has been procrastinating about. Too late to do that now, she has to move forward or never use her kitchen again...LOL! We tore down cabinets, Kilzed the ceiling and all the wall papered walls. We then put 2 coats of lovely neutral beige paint on them bringing her home into this century. I returned home on Monday and her new custom cabinets went in on Wednesday....sure hate that they did not get finished and installed before I left, but I surely am happy she has a new kitchen. They are hooking up the plumbing tonight on the new sink and faucet. She has a new 8 ft. bar with lots of STORAGE bins and cabinets now. They will be replacing the flooring next in the kitchen and dining area. Her hubby has used the Kilz on the ceiling and walls of the dining room and hallway. Painting that ceiling with a roller is a real PAIN in the neck and shoulders.
I somehow contracted a cold or virus (probably from the airplane) on my return and have been laid low for a few days with a very stuffy head and achy body and a deep hacking cough. The antibiotics have finally begun to kick in, the inhalers have helped a bit as well as the cough syrup and the rest, lots of liquid intake and homemade chicken noodle soup, too, to make me feel halfway human again....LOL!My "girls" were surely happy I came home....they will not leave my side or stay out of my lap for very long....nice to be missed. There's just no place like home is there? All those hugs and love left on the doorstep sure made my return so worth it. I did not correspond with anyone while I was there, so I really had a lot of e-mails and messages when I got back.
I took quite a few photos of Hayden while there, so I have made a few pages of her while resting....that laptop sure is handier when you are flat in bed...LOL! Anyhow, here are a couple of them. Isn't she growing like a weed? She is so very smart too, she can say her ABC's, count to 20, carry on a conversation with you and you can actually understand her....AND she can use a computer better than I can at 2 years old. Strong willed to boot, too! So like her daddy and mama....LOL! Not sure where all the kits came from as they are all older kits, but a couple of them are from CJS kits, thanx to all who contributed to my fun pages.
We had 52 for a high here on Tue and Wed and today it hit 90....crazy spring weather, no wonder we all have the sniffles....and no rain as of yet. For the month of March a grand total of .07 on the rain gauge. Those of you still experiencing old man winter, I really feel for you and the invitation to come to sunny Texas still stands. Hope y'all have a terrific weekend making many memories to share. Chat with ya more later, luv Mat

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