Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whew....what a week!

Hello y'all! Surely been a busy week for me. I tried planting a few pots of flowers, got the weed killer down in the back yard, sun helped most of them die, but now I have a few to dig up instead of a whole yard full of them! Got all the trash up and front and sides have been mowed, just not edged yet, but looking pretty good. The storm that came through with the hail and high winds dropped about an inch of water causing things to really "green" up, but those high winds every day since has already begun to dry out everything again, so got the watering hoses back out and watering my plants too! Got all caught up with work once again (after a week off) and I even got in a massive cleaning job on my living room, moved everything out and cleaned the floor and corners really good, then rearranged the furniture yet AGAIN! Poor "girls" just stumped as to why I have to mess with their comfortable spots....LOL! Here are a few of their faces I snapped, depicting their confusion! MzKitty is always the inquisitive one, Oreo just gets bored when she can't be in my lap and NOTHING bothers Pumpkin....But all 3 of them just love looking out the back door, wishing they were out there.....LOL! I have a new outdoor feral kitty that I have been feeding and it loves to drive my "girls" to distraction. I will try taking a photo of it, but will have to be through my screened window as it is still wild and will run when I try to go out when it is eating, but it knows when feeding times are and I can try sneaking in a couple...LOL!

We hope all of y'all are having a great week and weekend and beginning to enjoy some better weather that is more spring like. Have a great time making lots of memories and share them with all of us. Y'all all have a good one. I will also be GLUED to the TV on Saturday night as the NASCAR races are here this weekend. GO MARK!! Chat with y'all a little later. Luv, Mat

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