Thursday, April 21, 2011

May all of you have a Blessed Easter!

I wish all of you reading this a most blessed day of rejoicing our savior and enjoying your families and loved ones.
I hope this finds Carol & Charlie warm and able to get some much deserved rest; Gerri is free of her cold and not irritating Al; Miss Judy is having a blast with all those grandkids, Mike and Bob; Miss Linda is also free of her cold and not sharing it with Farmer McBrown and that her mom is speeding toward recovery from her surgery; and lastly, that Miss Scarlett & Rhett are resting and praising for the success of the surgery on their Kevin and that they enjoy the grandkids and great grandkids this Easter weekend. Love to all my blog "sisters".
We have had a week of freaky weather, severe storms with damaging strong winds, large hailstones, loss of electricity, devastating wildfires and little to none of much needed rain. I think here at my place, we registered about 1/4 inch of the wet stuff. Got hailstones here about quarter sized and smaller. No damage to my roof, windows or vehicles, but there are plenty around that are filing all kinds of insurance claims. The excessive heat (95+) and the high vicious winds have taken its toll on the wildfires just 70 miles west of us. They desperately need some relief. Last I heard was over 60k acres of burnt land, 116 homes gone and numerous homes (some the whole town) have been evacuated and not yet allowed back in them. I decided to make a few pages for my family to let them know how much I love them. I made this page from some photos of the magnolias in bloom last year when I went to Georgia, the photo of me was taken last month. This is my sister Kathy and her hubby of 41 years, Jim. The kit is a older freebie from Angelscrapper called Gerri's kit.This is their oldest son Jason and his wife Christina. Their page is a freebie from SC-hg.Here's their daughters Jade and Ruby in a freebie by Cuddlebeez called Easter surprise.Kathy & Jim's youngest, Jeff & his wife Tiff in a pretty freebie kit by CJS called Victorian Beauty.Next is the widow of my brother and the mother of his daughter~Myrl in a page created using Cuddlebeez's lullaby symphony kit.And here is my lovely niece Sebrina in a page created using the kit Natural Breeze from DigiDesignResort.And last but not least, my baby sister, Penny & hubby Weymond in a page created with Rose background (freebie with no TOU) some elements from Miss Carol's Ivory & Lace and some from SBF.Here's twin Lance and his Maggie in a page created with the freebie kit Easter Surprise by Cuddlebeez as is the page of their daughter Hayden.The other twin Lamar is in a kit freebie from Janniscrap designs called It's a Man Thing.And here is the baby with her hubby~Amy & Michael in a page created using kits from SBF and a Rose background and lace ribbon from Angelscrapper.
Again, I wish all of y'all a blessed Easter weekend and that you make many, many memories to share. Love to all and chat more with you later~Mat & "the girls"

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