Friday, November 4, 2011


Somebody up north left their door open, I won't say who, it has dropped almost 50 degrees in about 36 hours! We went from 80 balmy degrees to bone chilling 35 this morning with lots of biting wind too! LOL! Never happy with the weather are we? This certainly is better than those scorching hot 100+ days we had this past summer though! We still need some moisture, but at least having to add clothes is better than trying to shed them and remain decent for the public! I've had a very busy week and a very creative one too! I've been making QPs like mad using some of Kyra's kits and a lot of Miriam's kits as well. Miriam has invited me to becaome a part of her team (with Gina) to make QPS with her creations. I am so very honored and I hope y'all will stop by to check out her blog with all her gorgeous freebies. You can find a link to her site on the lower right side in my blog list. I have finally downloaded some of Christina's photos from Halloween and one from Margaret of Hayden so I will be making some pages for them soon. In the meantime, I have made these while playing with some kits, hope you enjoy them.

This is a photo I took of the Mittens at Monument Valley, Utah and put in a QP I made using Miriam's Terracotta kit and a lacy overlay of hers.

This is my sweet Sebrina in a QP I made using Kyra's Woodland Marvel kit at With a Russian Dutch Heart!

This is also a kit by Kyra called From Earth to Sky and has little Jayson in his bath, his mommy took some cute photos, doesn't he look really relaxed and comfy?

This is Jade & Ruby when they went apple picking, used Raspberry Road Designs Autumn Apple kit for this QP.
Well, my Rangers choked up again this year....but we have next year. The series was a really good one even if we did lose it in the last game. The Cowboys forgot to show up for their Sunday night game against the Eagles, but we have this week. And those Nascar races at Martinsville were so exciting and 18 yellow flags...lots of banging up of cars too! This week they are here at the Texas Motor Speedway, needless to say no going anywhere near there until all is gone after Sunday's race for the cup. I will be glued to my TV anyhow until it is over...LOL! Guess I had better hush, do a little quick blog walking and get some work done around here! Making a big pot of hobo stew and gonna fix a pan of cornbread to tide me over the chilly couple of days...LOL! Y'all all have a terrific weekend making memories to share with us. Stay warm and enjoy life to the fullest each day! Chat with ya more next time! Luv, Mat

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