Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Monday Morning....

It is a nice bright sun shining start to a new week for all of us! I hope this week is a lot calmer than the past one was. What a week here in the States, huh? Still praying for all those injured either in the Marathon Bombing (Boston, MA), Fertilizer Plant Explosion (West, TX), Flooding (Chicago, IL & Central States area), and Avalanche (Loveland, CO)! Also praying for those in the massive earthquake in China!

I had a pretty productive weekend! My neighbors got moved into the other half of my duplex!  Got some much needed yard work done. I found some new floor finish that is good for laminate and vinyl so undertook the task of trying it out. My floors look totally AWESOME! It is like I have all new flooring! The fiberglass vinyl in the kitchen and dining room is so shiny (but not slick) it looks wet. I moved everything I could and did the floors in sections. Then I did the laminate in the living room! Of course, this took up most of my day on Saturday! It was soooooo much fun trying to keep the fur girls off the wet floors!! Took a nice hot shower to relax overworked muscles and hit the hay about 11 p.m. Sunday morning I tackled the hallway and my office area! Of course I had to take a break around 11:30 a.m. to watch the NASCAR races! Then I tackled my bedroom floors. I am so happy with how fresh and clean my house looks again! Yes, I am tired and ache in muscles I forgot I had (LOL) but am very pleased with the results. Today is rest and play on the computer day for me! ROFL....that seems to be an every day event for me here lately, huh?

I did manage to take a few photos of the Mama cat and even caught her away for a little bit and captured photos of her 5 new babies. I have not bothered them since they were born, giving her time to relax and get used to having a safe place for all of them. This is Mommy and Daddy looks just like her and hangs around a lot too!
Here's the babies!
Finally got my "girls" to calm down during the races and after I got finished in the bedroom. You would have thought "they did all the work"....LOL! They were so very "tired"! LOL!
Pumpkin draped on the back of the couch where I was sitting watching the races!
Oreo sunning in the other window by the TV.....and MzKitty in the window sill behind the couch!
Then the lazy girls on the bed....I am ready for my shower and stretching out myself....I hated to move them, but....sometimes I just have to make them share that bed with me! ROFLMAO here!
We are expecting temps in the upper 70's-low 80's today with lots of sunshine, but then by tomorrow another 40+ degree drop in temps and a possibility of more rain. The grass, flowers, trees and especially the lakes are loving it. You can almost sit and watch the grass growing, not used to this much wetness! Of course, you know that old saying April showers bring May flowers and Spring Thundershowers! The weather has sure been topsy turvy for all of us this year!

My sister, Kathy, is doing quite well now! She is in a rehab facility where they can attend to and address her wound twice daily! She has mad her little room, her own apartment I think! The  hubby, kids, grandkids and her friends can all visit her! She is in pretty good spirits most of the time, she just wants to be in her own home, but then don't we all when we are away?  Hopefully within another week or so, they will be able to allow her to go home and have a visiting home health nurse assist her!

Enough of my chatter for now, y'all have a wonderful week, make lots of memories to share! Hug those you love and let them know how precious they are to you! Will chat more with all a little later! Luv, Mat

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  1. Oh Mat, those babies are so adorable! Almost makes me want to get a kitty. Mind you, I said "almost". I remember my younger days when I would polish everything in my house. Now I leave a lot of the housework to the dust bunnies. They don't do a very good job, but then I don't pay them very much. lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.