Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wow....Somebody left the door open!

Holy Moly, it is COLD out there.  I had all my windows open yesterday to all the beautiful sunshine and no wind, just a perfect day in the mid 70's.....right now it is 45 with a 30+ mph north wind making it feel like it is in the 30's and the temperatures are still dropping...supposedly into the upper 20's tonight with our first hard freeze.  Fortunately yesterday I got all my plants inside, all my cats provided for with warm beds in spots shielded from the north wind and today I will get my exposed faucets covered before dark.  It is nice and toasty warm in the house though even with no heat on...it is still 70F inside.  So, what have I been up to? Why scrapping of course. I have so many photos to try catching up with....I even made a few digital pages along with some of my paper ones (yes, I still get satisfaction from paper scrapping when I have the time)!
Here's a photo of Hayden as a cat that I put in a frame by Marijja, doesn't she look adorable?
Here's another frame by Marijja of Jayson on his last visit this past week to the Children's Hospital, after this seizure they did an EEG and says there are some abnormalities (?) he has to be on meds for 3 months then they will check again. He was cheered up by Ruby and his mother. Poor little thing all you want to do is hug him tight!
These photos are random that I just got off Christina's Facebook yesterday of Jade, Ruby and Jayson. This is another QP from Marijja
Isn't this sweet of Amy, Michael and Annabeth? These photos were taken by Michael's sister Hannah at the hospital the day Annabeth was born, ran across this page I had downloaded a while back from Marijja and thought it perfect for these photos!
This is Miss Annabeth in her pearls on a bed of roses....the QP I created using Kyra's kit Nothing Compares and a cluster frame from Arlene using the same kit. If you are looking for some terrific freebies for scrapping you must visit With A Russian Dutch Heart. This photo was taken by Lindsay Singletary a lady that works with my sister Penny. Penny sent me a copy of the photos for scrapping.
I had downloaded Miss Boots' latest offering of a lovely QP using one of Kyra's kits...these 2 photos seemed to fit it perfectly, another photo by Lindsay of Amy and Annabeth. You can find the QP at Random Thoughts by Linda.
I have others, but this will do it for today...I think I should get my bum up off this chair and move around a little...I think a pot of chicken and dumplings would be a good meal for this cool day, so off I go to make a pot...wanna come over for dinner?  By the way I think maybe Carol sent this weather to Linda who sent it on over to Gerri and she sent it south to Scarlett and she forwarded on to Texas.  Nice way to get us all to drink the hot toddies in the parlor Scarlett! ROFL!! Y'all keep on making those memories to share, I'll chat more with you next time. Maybe by then Calvin will have made his way into this world! Poor Maggie can hardly stand now!  Luv, Mat


  1. Busy scrapping lady, you are !!!
    so sorry to hear about Jason, so little and yound and already going through those aweful medical checks.
    Hopefully all will turn out well.
    Still in great mess here in a part of the house. It will be allright after time, but it will ask some effort LOL.
    You have a terrific day see you later!

  2. Boa noite, querida amiga Mat!
    Aqui todos estão bem.Meu marido fará nova consulta para ver se tudo está bem, mas creio que está tudo ótimo e breve ele retorna para casa.
    Sophie está ótima e vai tirar os pontos da cirurgia no dia 19/11.
    Mat, as crianças de sua família são lindas!
    Fiquei triste em saber do problema de saúde do Jayson, espero que ele fique curado logo, minha amiga.
    Espero que você tenha terminado aquele trabalho que estava fazendo.
    Espero que você tenha uma linda noite hoje e um dia melhor amanhã.
    Abraços, Neli.

  3. Gosh, you've been busy. I love your scrap pages!! They really are awesome. I'll say a prayer for a speedy get well for Jayson. He's just too little to have these problems. Your temps are becoming our norm lately. Seems like Winter moved in just a bit too early. Stay warm and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Good night, dear friend Mat!
    Here are all well. My husband will consult to see if all is well, but I think everything is great and soon he returns home.
    Sophie is great and will get the points of surgery on 19/11.
    Mat, the children in your family are beautiful!
    I was sad to hear of the health problem Jayson, I hope he get well soon, my friend.
    I hope you have finished that job he was doing.
    Hope you have a lovely evening today and a better day tomorrow.
    Hugs, Neli.