Saturday, November 9, 2013

O my aching back

Okay, all the file boxes have been loaded, taken to the storage unit and put away! I have only one box left that will probably disappear the end of this month...after the bank account is closed out and the phones are shut off.  I really have been busy in my room reorganizing it...I moved 2 bookcases and 2 large cabinets, 5 small cabinets, a 2 drawer file cabinet and a 4 drawer filing cabinet and ALL MY MUSIC CDS ( I have way too many) but the room is looking amazing as my home office. I am happy, but now the organizing, sorting and shredding starts.  All files and papers over 7 years old is getting shredded and gone. That is my most time consuming chore now, but I will be so happy when it is done. By springtime, I hope to have my "barn" cleaned out and organized too.  At this stage in life....I don't need all this "extraneous crap" for someone else to have to go through when I cease to be around (hopefully for not a long time yet, but....)!

While organizing and sorting, I ran across some photos that are more than 40 years old I had forgotten about...oh the memories and the fun of remembering them all. I will have to scan them and see if I can salvage some that the colors are fading from. Another chore for this retired old lady (well almost totally retired).  I seem to be busier now that I was when working full time....NOT!.....but close! I am really happy to be able to get this all done. Has bothered me for a while, and this is a good project for indoors when the weather is beginning it's roller coaster ride....70 one day, 50 the next....then a couple of days of 70 again then dropping into the 40's....etc.  This next week we are supposed to have a hard freeze coming (Thanks to Miss Boots via Miss Carol!), so I have been out today making sure all the space is ready for my flower pots to be put away and that all the "cat condos" are clean and with clean beds and blankets for those outdoor kitties that hang around....found my faucet covers so I can drain my hoses and cover them next week. Lots to do to prepare for the freeze, but it will probably be back in the 70's before Thanksgiving! (Crazy Texas Weather).

My friend Jan got good news from her CT scan, no spreading into the lymph nodes so her success rate with the radiation should be at 95%.  Her face mask was made on Thursday and they are preparing her for a "dry run" so she will know what it coming for the next 6 weeks.  Friday morning I took my friend Jannette to have her eye redone...the doctor that did her laser surgery was not happy with the results of her left eye so he redid it.  She had to go back this morning and he is very, very pleased. I think we go back on Monday for the temporary contact to be removed.  So happy she is over that, but then I have to take her to the spine doctor on the 14th for an injection in her lumbar spine. (Old age is sure not for the weak...LOL!)  As for me and my foot, it is doing pretty good, a little tender occasionally, but as long as I don't go barefoot it's okay! That is very hard for this old country girl....I do not like wearing shoes....LOL!

I keep thinking that Maggie will have that boy any day now, but he is still not ready to come into this world! SHE is ready for him to be here though!  Amy seems to be doing pretty good and really enjoying her role as mother. From all the photos I have seen Jade,. Ruby, Jayson and Hayden all had a good time on Halloween. I didn't see not one trick or treater...and now I have a bowl of candy to eat....(real hardship you know)!

I guess I best hush for right now, since I am at a stopping point for today, I think I will take a hot shower, put on my jammies, grab my Kindle and read a little while I sip on a julep that Scarlet left for me. We will be doing the hot toddies from now until Spring I suppose! Had a good visit with all my blog buddies this past week so....gonna take a little break and get some much deserved rest and of course, no blogging tomorrow as the NASCAR races are on and the football games are too! Guess where I will be? Yep, in front of that boob tube supporting my favs!  Y'all have a terrific Sunday, chat more with ya later! Don't forget to make lots and lots of great memories to share! Luv, Mat
Tiny Dude asleep beside me...he really zonks out and is so relaxed....He loves to be touching or laying on he is on my arm....LOL!
Oreo is comfortable enough to lay beside him and they will both sleep on the bed with me at night, MzKitty and Pumpkin haven't gotten that comfortable with him yet.
Pumpkin sleeps on the bathroom cabinet or in the bathroom sink.
And MzKitty sleeps in my reading chair in the same room, just not on the bed with Tiny! LOL! More photos later of the outside cats...they are all growing and are simply gorgeous....(but them I am a little prejudiced aren't I?) Later y'all! Hugs!!


  1. Wow, you sure have been busy. Your kitty cats are gorgeous. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when they want to be close to you and touching you? You know there is a lot of love and trust there.

    I have to work early in the morning so I'm turning in soon. Pogo has had his bath and his supper and he is readly for bedtime.too. Enjoy your NASCAR and your football tomorrow. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Gosh, you did getdone a lot!!! It sure feels good to have accomplished all that, and having a great room again, all to your liking!
    The cats are all so wonderful! They tend to find the oddest places to realx, like a bathroom sink for example LOL!
    Good to read the good news about your frined Jan and the results of the CT scan. Now crossing fingers that the final result of the radiation will be as good too!
    Here too it's a bit of roller coaster weather. This morning even had some hail, yak!
    Then we still have a great mess in the extension, because Jan started with the really big closet, taking it apart. Will be a huge problem though, where to put it up again, or perhaps one part in the extension and the other part may be can stay where it is( the thing has 3 parts!). I only have no idea how to get a part in the extension to build it up again, with all the stuff there Jan took out of the upper part of closet! He shoudl ask for some help from e.g. his brother, some parts are too loaded for me to lift, and Jan cannot do it by himself.
    I hate all the mess it's causing, but probably when all is on its place again(question only is the "when"LOL)I;ll be happy with it.
    Just hope it will be done with at beginning december, cuase then we normally start again with Christmas decoration.
    Some day all will be quiet and sorted out and placed where it should be, what a happy day that will be!!
    You are right to take a bit of rest after all your re-organizing and such, have a great day at the couch!
    Thanks for your visit and comment!

  3. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Seus gatinhos são lindos!
    Obrigada, amiga, por suas visitas e por seus adoráveis comentários!
    Estou um pouco ocupada e preocupada, pois meu marido foi para o sul do Brasil para fazer uma cirurgia de próstata. Ele já saiu do hospital, mas o médico quer que ele passe 2 semanas lá até poder viajar e voltar para casa. Lá ele está na casa de minha filha Erika, que está cuidando dele.
    Aqui em Manaus também estou com uma convalescente em casa: é a minha poodle Sophie que foi castrada há 3 dias, ela está toda enfaixada e não deve ficar sozinha para não pular nas cadeiras e sofás...
    Bem, querida amiga, espero em breve estar com mais tempo.Espero que a semana que está começando seja maravilhosa para você e os seus!
    Abraços, Neli.

  4. Good afternoon, dear friend Mat!
    Your kittens are beautiful!
    Thank you, friend, for your visits and your lovely comments!
    I'm a little busy and worried because my husband went to southern Brazil to do a prostate surgery. He has already left the hospital, but the doctor wants him to spend two weeks there and to be able to travel back home. There he is in the house of my daughter Erika, who is taking care of him.
    I am also here in Manaus with a convalescent home: my poodle is that Sophie was spayed 3 days ago, she's all bandaged and should not be alone not to jump on chairs and sofas ...
    Well, dear friend, I hope soon be over tempo.Espero week that it is beginning to be wonderful for you and yours!
    Hugs, Neli.