Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween to Y'all!

I had a seriously busy week and have not had a chance to post for a while. I had company in from out of town for the weekend. My "Sis-in-law" Kathleen came up from Bryan-College Station. Of course I had to get my house cleaned, laundry done and all my chores accomplished prior to her coming in so that we could spend the whole time together. I even finished Jayson's ABC book and sent it for publishing...Kathy and Christina should have them tomorrow. We had a blast on Friday playing catch up, eating Mexican food 'til we were ready to pop, shopping and going through memory books. Here's a photo of us that was taken last month when Nina and I went down to visit her (first time we had seen each other since 1986). I used a freebie QP by c4m called Autumn days bb page 2  and wordart from Miss Boots at Random Thoughts.
On Saturday, her real sis-in-law Debbie came over with her and we spent another whole day furniture shopping. This was first time I had seen Debbie since 1986 or 1987...she still looks the same to me, beautiful as ever....boy did we have fun catching up on our lives since then. After we got home about 7:45 p.m. (I sure had some angry  "hungry" kitty cats) there was a flurry of Code Red Alert phone calls about the approaching storms with ping pong sized hail stones and 60 mph winds. my Tahoe under cover, but the Camry had to stay out...we did not get the large hail only about pea sized, we did get the winds (I got my windows all closed just in time) and heavy, heavy, heavy rain. We were so busy "yakking" that we never even thought about taking any photos...dang it!
On Sunday, I lazed around all day....never even got dressed...LMBO....watched the Cowboys and the NASCAR races, then watched the Packers and Vikings play, read...slept some in between and literally stayed on the bed with my cats all day. I never turned my PC on nor visited Facebook.  I guess I am just too old to walk and stand and shop for 2 days in a row....ROFL! But we sure did have fun visiting all those wonderful memories we made together all those years ago!
Monday, back to work...tomorrow, Halloween, will be the official closing of my boss's office. I still have 26 years worth of stuff to categorize and label and add to in storage so that should she ever need it, she could find it if I don't happen to be around. The day to day stuff is through though and we are both of the winding down stages of employment. We are both ready for retirement and doing what we want, when we want without having to work around a work schedule. Yippee!! I tried to catch up on all the freebies I had missed last week and over the weekend...(my poor butt thought I was never gonna get up off it...LOL)
Maggie sent me a photo of Hayden feeding Annabeth so I did a page of this cute photo. I suppose that Hayden is practicing for when Calvin arrives next week. Now that she is 5 she will be a big help to her Mommy when her baby brother comes.  She wants him to get here now (so does Maggie...LOL) This page I created using kits by ADB.
Well, it is about time for me to get up, feed the kitties again, fix me something to eat and get ready to watch Nashville.  I have a lot of kitty photos to cut down and show ya and I am sure all the Halloween photos will be ready too, so guess I will hush and chat with y'all some more later! If you get a chance drop by Miriam's Scraps and grab the Halloween QP I made for ya! Have a great and safe Halloween! Make lots of those memories to share! Hugs, Mat


  1. No wonnder you didn't have much time for the computer, and o wonder you were pooped out on SUnday LOL!
    My God, you were busy!!! But I can imagine it must have been great fun to meet Kathleen and Debbie again after such a long time!
    Would there be any chance that soon you will have a bit more time to torture you butts and do some scrapping and such???
    Why do I have the idea that you are good willing but that it isn;t going to happen ROFL!!!!
    On the other hand, I may be wrong. Who knows??????????
    Hope you will have a great Halloween, no more storms, rain and or hail and such.
    Take care(oh, how is your foot doing ?)

  2. You sure have been busy m friend. Two days of shopping would probably have given me a soft bed of daisies. Although I used to love shopping all day, I just can't do it anymore, unless of course, it is on-line. Thank goodness for on-line shopping. Your new layouts are beautiful, and it's good that you had time to spend with your friend. That's something that all of us should take a bit of time to do. It's so good for the soul. Well, Pogo and I are getting ready for our all night ride tonight. You have a fabulous Halloween Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Good afternoon, dear friend Mat! Happy Halloween! I've stopped making frames halloween, I went back to do my ordinary frames. I hope your work slow down a bit and you have more time. Thank you for visiting and caring for comments. I like too many of his visits to my blog! I'm going on the blog of Miriam now. A big hug, Neli.