Saturday, October 5, 2013

OMG! What a Week!

Monday started out as usual, I awoke with a swollen and tender left foot (?), I had to write checks, etc for my handyman to come check a few things for me, wait for my boss to call about signing checks and still some more packing up of office stuff for storage! My boss called, she would sign checks on handyman gave me a quote for recaulking all my windows and doors from the outside (the drought this year has created some shifting problems with the house) and put some foam in some of the larger gaps that would have to dry, then be trimmed and caulked next day. Then a friend called and wanted to do a quick road trip to Waco and back and wanted me to ride down too. Okay, if I can get some things rescheduled I agreed!

Tuesday I had an appointment with House Calls (Insurance purposes) between 11-2 and my boss was coming over early to sign checks and the handyman was due between 8 and 9 a.m. As it happened House Calls called on Monday to reschedule me for the down...called my boss and she was pleased to wait until Wednesday to sign checks....two handyman said I did not have to be there for him to finish what he had to do and he would come back later to check the caulking of windows on the inside. It was a nice roadtrip...ate some good catfish after getting back. Nice to get out of the house for a day!
Wednesday foot still real tender and swollen and now I am really limping as it hurt to bear weight on it. Went to the post offices and the bank and to my bosses house to get checks signed, she looked at my foot and said it might be a stress a podiatrist. I called my favorite one, but he no longer takes Medicare patients...went to pay for her storage unit, picked up some cat food and back home by 1 p.m. fixed me a sandwich and my friend Nina calls wanting me to go with her to Builders Surplus as she is not sure where it is, OK, she came at 2 p.m. Did not find what she was looking for so we go to Garden Ridge, did not get home until about 4:45 and I am pooped and in pain with the foot. Called my doctor for an appointment the next day at 9:45 a.m. Baked a Hawaiian Delight Cake for Janet and Mike. Off to bed!
Thursday, supposed to take my friend Janet to her doctor about 1 p.m. Went to my doctor, he thinks I have a Morton's neuroma...will check in the area for a podiatrist that takes my insurance and will call my flu shot.  Go over to Janet's house and got home about 3 p.m. to lie and prop up my foot.
Friday I think I have an easy day....WRONG....I had brought in the little kitten from outside, (he did so good, knew where the litter box was and the "girls" were tolerating him) I guess I did not get up when he wanted me to, so he peed on my bed....I jumped up and stripped everything including the waterproof cover off and started laundry...he got his food and took a nap (the little &*^%)....last night, he slept he is here asleep at my feet just thankful to be inside.....I also steamed my mattress before remaking the bed, then I steamed the couch and a couple of small carpets (the kind you cannot wash)....then I decided to steam clean my floors too...went to bed just worn out, but feeling good that my house was clean and all my work was finished.
My sister Kathy was admitted to the hospital again yesterday morning for her COPD and Congestive Heart Failure...she seemed some better last evening....UNTIL....her grandbaby Jayson had a febrile seizure and they had to call an ambulance for him....his daddy had to do CPR on him before the paramedics got there! Kathy called me so distraught because she couldn't be there and it caused her to have a really bad attack, but I finally got her to calm down, the nurses gave her a breathing treatment and all calmed down around 1 a.m. when Jayson was cleared to go home. I hope they are all getting rest today!
I got up this morning, fed all my critters (cats and birds), decided to make a pan of those 7-up biscuits....OMG! they are to die light and so there goes the 9 pounds I had managed to drop....LOL! Really, I only ate 2 of them, but that leaves 10 to tempt me....LMAO!  Anyhow, I need to catch up with some of my blog off here for now....busy week next week too! Y'all have a BEAUTIFUL weekend and I will chat more with you later! Make lots of terrific memories to share! Hugs, Mat
Here's Tiny asleep on me on the couch...he loves to snuggle up under my chin.
Look at that cute little face. He is no longer baby, but Tiny is his name now....he comes running when I call him too! LOL!
Here he is by my phone, see how tiny he is?  I took these photos with my phone, but they are pretty clear!


  1. Oh my God!!!!!!!! I just got tired by only reading your week schedule LOL!Don;t you think you overdo it a bit??????? Shocking what happene again to Kathy and Jayson. Glad all seem to be okay agin, but it aren't the nice things of life .
    You have to plan, if possible with some more free time between all those things that have to be done(there are always unexpected things occuring too and they can have a hammer effect)
    Nasty you have that oot! Could have to do with stress too, hey lady, we aren;t in our 25 or 40's anymore.
    I think you should take it a bit more easy, dear, some things can wait, I am sure of that, and you should say sometimes 'no" to people, although that is a hard thing to do.
    Tiny looks sooo sweet.
    Not easy to take a rest on the couch with a cat under your chin ROFL.
    Well, try to have a bit more quiet week, if there's too much stuff to do, just re-schedule where possible to next week.!

  2. Bom dia, Mat querida!
    Que imagem linda de você e sua gatinha!
    Deve ser muito gostoso acariciar o pelo sedoso desses animaizinhos!
    Tenha um lindo domingo, minha querida amiga!
    Um grande abraço, Neli.

  3. Wowser! I have to agree with Kyra. You need to slow down a speck and take more time for yourself to rest with that foot up. You only have these two feet, so it's important to take good care of them.

    Learning to say "no" can be easier if you offer a different date to do something. Sometimes people can come to you instead of you running off to them. Give and take works wonders.

    I love your photos of Tiny. What an adorable kitty!! If he wants to sleep on your neck, then he must love and trust you to the utmost. I think that is just fabulous.

    When Pogo gets upset about something, he will have an "accident" in the worst possible places. No need to scold him though. I just look at him and shake my head and he knows I'm not happy about it. Then I clean up and move on. After all, I'm not perfect either. You take it easy and have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Good day, dear Mat!
    What a beautiful picture of you and your kitty!
    Must be very tasty stroking the silky by these animals!
    Have a beautiful Sunday, my dear friend!
    A big hug, Neli.