Friday, October 18, 2013

I Think Fall is Here!

We finally got a few days of slow steady rain and cooler temperatures....I'm loving that part. As I sit here with all my windows open, the air conditioner off, all the cats are fed, bathed and asleep, the house is quiet and I can hear the leaves dancing across the driveway. It has to be one of my favorite times of the year. We even had a low temp of 44 the other morning....I had the windows open and "the girls" were searching for cover to get under...LOL! Yesterday was nearly a perfect day...only 70 for the high, lots of clear sky and sunshine.  Today is to be 70 and cloudy with a 40% chance of showers this evening as another front moves in from the northwest, but the weekend, no rain and 70 for both days! This is the last weekend of our State Fair too, guess I will miss it this year....will NOT attempt the last weekend with the weather this lovely...too many people will be there to really enjoy it!
I pretty much relaxed this week with all the rainy days. Made a big pot of vegetable soup and a pan of cornbread for the chilly very good and it is better each time it is re warmed....LOL! My boss and I met for lunch on Wednesday at the Olive Garden...we had a great visit celebrating her birthday.
My friend Jan got some bad news about the nodule they removed from her vocal was malignant, but the surgeon says he got the most of it and wants her to do 30 daily radiation treatments for it.  He says the success rate is 95% for this type. She was really upset, but is coming to terms with it now. She went with me to the podiatrist on Thursday, then we went out for breakfast and then did some shopping, we haven't been able to do that in a while....she felt much better when I took her did I.
The xrays at the podiatrist showed no stress fractures and not really a neuroma, but the beginnings of one, so I got an injection of steroid and lidocaine in the top of the closed toed shoes that will pinch the toes and ABSOLUTELY NO GOING BAREFOOT (that will be the hardest for me...LOL) for 2 weeks then go back for check up and see how the inflammation is. Feels a lot better already!
With all the hubbub going on around here, I totally forgot Hayden's 5th birthday. She is getting to be such a big girl now and ready for her baby brother to get her next month.  Her mommy is ready for him to be here too, she is off work now until he is born (November 6th is due date). Anyhow, I did this QP for her with the latest photo I have of her. The QP is by Neli....doesn't she look cute in this? 
I also snitched a photo of Amy with Annabeth off my sister Penny's page so thought I would make her a QP too. Texted a while with Amy yesterday and she says she is finally taking Annabeth out a little more now. She is not so frightened to be out with her alone in the car. She says she loves being a mother and that Annabeth is really Daddy's girl.  Yep, she already has his wrapped around her fist for sure! LOL! But look what a cute little doll she is. This QP is from the Girls Only Blog Train.
I finally finished with Jayson's ABC pages, now to get them into a book so I can get them printed before the holidays.  Will now start collecting photos of Annabeth and Calvin when he gets they will have theirs. The three girls all have their books already.
Well, off of here, got to get up and move around a bit..then I have to catch up on my blogs I visit and get my freebies....hope y'all make some awesome memories to share. Chat more with you next time. Hugs, Mat


  1. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Você é sempre gentil nos seus comentários. Aqui no Brasil não temos tradição de festejar o Halloween nem o Outono. Aqui festejamos o Natal , a Páscoa, o Carnaval, Dia das Mães, Dia dos Pais , Dia dos Namorados, Dia das Crianças e festejamos alguns dias santificados da Igreja Católica.
    Que bom que o calor está diminuindo um pouco aí, não é? Eu não gosto de chuva, mas gosto do frio.
    Querida amiga, quantas crianças lindas tem na sua família.
    Vamos ganhar uma menininha na família, em março, filha da minha neta Rebecca. que está co 4 meses de gravidez. Sou uma bisavó muito feliz!
    Mat , Não fiz nada com zumbis porque são muito feios e tenho medo... mas se você quiser um é só me avisar que eu faço, Ok?
    Desejo a você e a toda sua família um final de semana excelente!
    Abraços, Neli.

  2. Gosh, I can beliebe your friend Jan is shocked a bit. But she should try to stay positive and undergo the radiation time, and then we just can hope, the doctor was right about hte 95% percentage, and that she will be one of those, that are going to be healed completely!
    Hmm, your foot isn;t behaving too nice, but hopefully the injections do their work and it will be lots better in two weeks. Good that you still haven't really cold weather, it's no fun to have to go outside with open toed shoes in almost freezing temps LOL!
    Take care, good you had some time to relax, keep on doing that, be careful with your foot. You did some lovely quiickpages for the kids, they will love them when they get older and can look back in time!

  3. As usual, your scrap pages are beautiful. So sorry to hear about your friend. This is such a devastating issue to deal with, but with the help of good friends and family, she will be alright. Gosh, I hope your foot is better soon. I live in flip flops most of the year. My feet don't like being closed up in shoes. lol.

    I'm up early this morning, but I have a busy day. I just hope the temperature warms up a bit, and soon! I just don't like the cold any more. Now I need to catch up on my emails. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Good afternoon, dear friend Mat!
    You are always kind in their comments. Here in Brazil we have no tradition of celebrating Halloween or autumn. Here we celebrate Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Children's Day and celebrate some holy days of the Catholic Church.
    What good is decreasing the heat a bit there, is not it? I do not like rain, but I like the cold.
    Dear friend, how many children in your family is beautiful.
    Let's win a little girl in the family, in March, daughter of my granddaughter Rebecca. which is Co 4 months of pregnancy. I am a very happy grandmother!
    Mat, I did not do anything with zombies because they are ugly and I'm afraid ... but if you want one just let me know what I do, okay?
    I wish you and all your family a great week end!
    Hugs, Neli.