Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 is almost gone....gone...gone!!

This year has simply sprouted wings and flown by!  It seems like only yesterday we were saying Happy 2013.  This has certainly been a weird but intriguing year for me. Basically, it has been a pretty good year for me and I am so thankful for all I have. I think the most memorable for me is that my nieces gave birth within months of each other(and I haven't gotten to see them yet), I reconnected with some very dear old friends (whom I got to visit and they have visited me) and I got to officially retire last month. This led to a serious case of clean out, get rid of and downsizing to my clutter!  We had a scare with my sister Kathy's health this year that all my family, and cyber friends successfully prayed for, as well as some friends that needed my prayers to aid them. I got to add a little man to my furry four legged family this year too! The whole country has experienced some really unexpected nasty weather changes and we have had to deal with some sad loss of lives! I even got to scrap a little more and am hoping that next year I will be able to scrap all I want to!

I hope you and yours had a very Merry, Bright and Wonderful CHRISTmas. Did you take lots of photos for memory books? I took a few, but most of them were of the weather, sunrises, sunsets and my fur family! I did manage to get Jayson's ABC photo book finished before years end and now I am collecting photos for Amy & Michael's Annabeth and Lance & Maggie's Calvin for their ABC photo books. I love this tradition I started with Hayden, Jade & Ruby. I took a few days to make a special memory book for my ex husband's grand children for CHRISTmas as well as going through a lot of photographs to separate and share with the folks that are in them after I scanned them into my computer....what a time consuming job, but done with love and it was so appreciated by all that received them. (I told you my clean out was serious and I haven't even broken the surface yet, but I can find things a little easier now...LOL).

Well, enough of my are a few scrap pages that I have made that I wanted to share and put on my blog (so they will be printed in Volume 4 of my blog book in 2014).  If you haven't tried printing your blog in a book, you should just try will be hooked....I like looking at mine and reminiscing! Some of my friends have really had some nice things to say about them too! Maggie just shared this photo of Calvin on my Facebook wall, so of course I had to make a scrap page....I used Raspberry Road Designs kit called Handmade Holidays and the frame is from Timo Designs. Isn't he simply adorable? Just love that killer grin.  He is one month old and weighs 13 pounds already.
I also got copied on a photo taken at the church the Sunday both babies were's all of my Georgia family except for Lamar that were there. This is a QP by Miss Boots (aka Random Thoughts at Linda's Place) Front row left to right in photo is Tony & Bessie (Michael's parents), Michael holding Annabeth, Amy, Lance holding Calvin, Hayden and Maggie with pastor Johnson. Back row also left to right is Lee (friend of Michael's) Weymond and my sister Penny.
Here's a page I created for my friend Julie of her and her grand babies. Aren't they lovely children? This is from Raspberry Road Designs Christmas Romance kit, the cluster is by her CT Ellen and the wordart is Miss Linda's at Random Thoughts.
Here's Nina's grand daughter Elizabeth with her daughter a Christmas QP by Neli at Lugar Encantado de Neli. Nina's daughter, Tammy wanted this one to frame.
Plus, I did one for Nina's sister Beverly with her first grand child. I love this photo of them. This is a QP by Neli too!
And in another frame from Neli (she had a lot of gorgeous Christmas frames) is Nina and Chuck with their great grand daughter Emorie.
Of course I could not leave out my here are a couple of them. I am working on some for Hayden, Jade, Ruby and Jayson of their CHRISTmas that I will post later. This one of all of them lazing around is some from a lot of designers. I did the background, then used Texture 4741 by Edna B the frames are freebies from aw-prince DOTD from Digital Scrapbooking. The photos are all mine....LOL!
Here's the baby (his name is now Tom Tom cause that is what he responds to) playing with my IPad...thought I would add the other 2 watching as he shows Oreo how to play with it. (He sits on my shoulders and watches me, then when I open Cat Toys...he just has to play with it...too cute). This one is made using Kyra's kit Almost Easy and Arlene's cluster using Kyra's kit Beautiful Soul. The cat paw print border is an oldie freebie (recolored) from Tina's Creations. The frame is from Timo Designs
And one just for fun...these two are always sleeping together...they adore each other. Just couldn't resist this since I had the perfect wordart for it.  I used a kit from lth called Yuletide Memories and the wordart is from April the Scrapaholic and the frame is Timo Designs.
Okay, enough for today, got my fur babies reminding me it is time to eat, so will close for now and chat more next time.  (I'm giving you fair warnings)....LOL! Y'all all have a great, safe, healthy, prosperous New Year if I don't chat with you before then....!! Hugs & Love, Mat


  1. Boa noite, querida amiga Mat!
    É sempre um prazer visitar você e sua linda família! Gosto de ver o carinho que você tem por toda sua família.
    Querida Mat, vou passar a virada do ano fora de casa, farei uma pequena viagem de 2 ou 3 dias e ficarei com minha neta e o marido dela e vou levar minhas poodles junto e vamos tomar banho nas águas do rio que tem na cidade onde vamos, é muito bonito lá, te cavernas com pinturas rupestres.
    Querida Mat, espero que o ano de 2014 traga paz, alegria, saúde e felicidade para você e toda sua família!
    Abraços de sua amiga Neli.

  2. Good night, dear friend Mat!
    It is always a pleasure to visit you and your beautiful family! I like to see the love you have for your entire family.
    Dear Mat, I will spend the New Year away from home, I will make a short trip of 2 or 3 days and stay with my granddaughter and her husband and I take my poodles together and we bathe in the waters of the river in the city where we have it is very beautiful there, you caves with petroglyphs.
    Dear Mat, I hope that 2014 brings peace, joy, health and happiness for you and your entire family!
    Hugs his girlfriend Neli.

  3. Mat, your layouts are beautiful. I agree, those blog books are just wonderful. Every now and then I will spend a few hours going through an early one, and enjoy the memories.

    I'm seriously considering retiring in the new year. I really want to, but I know I'm going to miss my work. The Mrs is really quite crabby at times, but then she keeps things interesting. As much as I grumble about her, I would miss her. Go figure!

    I love the scrap pages of your fur babies. What would we do without these precious bundles? They give us so much love and enjoyment.

    Mat, I'm wishing you a year filled with love and happiness, peace, good health and prosperity.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hugs, Edna B.

  4. You are really serious about scrapping more LOL!
    And yes, the year 2013 is almost gone now, and we are starting a new one. In all we didn;t have a nad year, but I really hope the year to come to be a bit more lucky, easier flowing. Most of all a good health is important, if we have that we can endure a lot more, isn;t it?
    Mat, you are such a lyoal visitor and I want to thank you for it!
    Love to read your blogposts and wonderful to read your humorous talk at timesLOL!
    So again wishing you a happy, healthy new year!