Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter is offically here!

Yes, today it is officially winter, but I'll bet a lot of folks are thinking they have had winter for at least a month now. I know we did when that ice storm hit us, but after 6 days, we finally melted and had some pretty warm days, yesterday we started out at 65F, muggy and sticky, well.....about noon or so that norther finally blew in...dropped temps 20 degrees in a minute. It got biting and then the storms started during the night with lots of rumbling thunder that woke me several times (at least the cats woke me...LOL!) and it has rained all morning, and into the afternoon, but now at 3 p.m. it is finally moving out. dropped lots of much needed water for our water sheds anyhow. I decided to not even get out of my jammies very nice to not have to go anywhere in this mess. I fixed a good southern lunch for me (butter beans, creamed corn, sliced tomatoes and onions and some spicy cornbread) that was so very good, now I am sitting here in front of this computer listening to George Strait sing Christmas songs, eating some of Nina's homemade cookies with a cold glass of milk for dessert. All the "babies" are is so good! :)
I did most of my Christmas gifting online this year...maybe will not next year....UPS has been a real pain about delivering (blaming a back log on the ice storm....yeah right). I finished everything on the 13th with delivery by the 17th so that I would not be in the RUSH....I still have 2 to be delivered...only after several phone calls and e-mails they finally told me they would deliver today or at latest by Monday, will see. None so far have been delivered on time and I had several NOT delivered in Texas.  Then a package that I mailed by US Postal Service to Georgia on the 13th, left here, went to Tallahassee, FL (35 miles from destination) then it was sent to Memphis, TN where it sat for 3 days until I started raising a stink (again in person, by e-mail and phone) now it has left Memphis according to the tracker, but not to where it was sent, but I bet the package does not arrive in time for Christmas if ever! And, they are raising postage again in January as they are going broke....I wonder why??????  If I have to file a complaint they will make me prove it was not my fault before they will do anything.....GEEZ....I am glad I sent my cards out on the 3rd...hope everyone got theirs! LMBO!!
Okay, enough complaining...I am warm, fed, bills are paid and am in a lot better health than a lot of folks, so I have lots to be thankful for. Thank you God for taking care of me. I am very thankful for my family and the new additions this year that arrived healthy and with no problems. I am thankful for all my friends (real and cyber) that I cherish so much. I am thankful I have made it to complete retirement and can sit on my butt and enjoy scrapping as much as I want to....LOL! And that, I have been doing a lot of, both paper and digital. I am so very thankful for all the generous designers that so generously share their beautiful work with me so that I can make such lovely pages.I am certainly one lucky person!!!
Here are some of the things I have been making this week! first of all I used a template from Granny Enchanted for ornaments of the kiddos (Grandmas are cutting them out and putting on the trees).
Annabeth's First Christmas....cutie pie!
Calvin's First Christmas handsome!
Miss Hayden's Fifth Christmas
Jade is celebrating her 7th Christmas
Ruby is celebrating her 4th Christmas as her birthday is the end of December when she will be 5.
And this is Jayson's 2nd Christmas.
I have made a few pages too, but since I am not finished, I will post those in a couple of days just before Christmas day....Y'all have a great Sunday....make lots of memories, be safe if you are traveling for the holiday and/or out finishing up your shopping. Chat with you more later, right now I think I need a nap. LOL, yep, I am happy to say I can do that now anytime I want to and not feel guilty about not doing something else.  Just loving it! Hugs, Mat


  1. Boa noite, querida amiga Mat!
    Gosto de vir aqui e ler o que você escreve.Tento compreender o que está escrito e uso o google tradutor para os trechos que não compreendo. É sempre bom receber as mensagens de otimismo aqui escritas, pois elas me contagiam com sua alegria. Querida amiga, o Natal é uma festa maravilhosa, amo o Natal! Vou preparar uma ceia bem gostosa e iluminar o apartamento para ficar tudo bem bonito e alegre.
    Mat, querida, antes do Natal eu volto aqui, ok? Abraços, Neli.

  2. My goodness, you certainly are having trouble with mailing and shipping woes. When you mail any packages, do keep your receipt because the zip codes that you mailed your packages to are on the receipt. That's a good way to prove it is not your fault. I've had that same problem, and when I squawked about it, the packages finally made it to their destination. HOWEVER, the zip codes on my packages had been inked out. They were re-written back on when the packages were finally delivered. They tried to say that I had the wrong zip codes, but my receipts proved that one of their employees had inked out my zip codes. Probably so that they could keep the packages? I don't know but nowadays who knows?

    Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. I didn't know how to send one to you, but now I do.

    Do enjoy your retirement. I'm thinking about maybe retiring next Spring. If all goes well, I think I will. I'm at work now, so gotta go. You and your fur babies have a wonderful weekend. Merry Christmas my friend. Hugs, Edna dB.

  3. Hi Mat. sorry I haven't stopped by lately. I haven't been spending a lot of time on the computer lately, just to much going on in my life right now. I'm hoping that after Christmas things will slow down a bit and I can get back to doing some scrapping and other fun stuff. Our daughter and family got here tonight from Colorado, will be spending a week here at home. Great having all 3 kids home and all the grandkids in one house at the same time. You have a great Christmas! Will talk again soon.

  4. Wow, you had a lot of trouble with the post! It is always a "crossing fingers"moment when cards and specially boxes are sent away but I always was lucky, all arrived well and in time( for security I start sending Christmas boxes and stuff start of December LOL).
    You are right about being rather blessed, despite the troubles we all encounter.
    We still have to be happy, we may have some health troubles, but still are in good enough shape to do a lot of things. We still can live in a house, can eat well enough, have heating in the house, have water and electricity, even if we are a bit short of money. We still can celebrate Christmas,we have some good friends, like you said, some "real"and some by internet, and lots of little things that still make life good enough.
    Wishing you a terrific Christmas week!

  5. Translation of Neli's post:
    Good night, dear friend Mat!
    I like to come here and read what you write. Try to understand what is written and use google translator for the excerpts do not understand. It's always nice to receive messages of optimism written here, because they infect me with your joy. Dear friend, Christmas is a wonderful party, love Christmas! I go to prepare a very delicious supper and brighten the apartment to be okay cute and cheerful.
    Mat, dear, before Christmas I'll be back here, okay? Hugs, Neli.

  6. Olá Mat!
    Penso que o Google tradutor brincou conosco, I haven't a girlfriend. I have a husband, sons and grandsons...

    1. Thanks Neli, this will not translate on Google...don't know why, but it says it is all in English. LOL! :)

  7. Minha querida amiga Mat, às vezes a tradução não faz sentido, não é possível compreender... eu fico rindo das tolices que o google tradutor diz.
    Abraços, Neli.

  8. My dear friend Mat, sometimes the translation does not make sense, you can not understand ... I'm laughing at the nonsense that google translator says.
    Hugs, Neli.
    Translated okay this time....I've just started putting translation on here so that when I print my blog book next year, I will know what you said when I am too old to remember...LOL! Thanks my dear frind..Many hugs sent to you! <3