Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Cleaning...!!

Hello y'all!  First day of spring and I am spring cleaning....and very taking a break to chat!  We've had rain again...for 15 days out of 21 in March....but not too much at one time, just soft gentle rains mostly, the kind that sinks in....we so desperately need it, the lakes and water sheds are beginning to resupply! It is raining again today, thus the cleaning mood.....LOL! All the trees and weeds are so green and growing so fast!  I have been so busy with this temporary job and the taking care of the eyes...etc...that I have not had time to clean properly.  This morning my bathroom, bedroom and the kitchen and dining area got steam cleaned, even the floors and re-shined! It is in the low 50's, cloudy and gloomy outside, but the inside is glowing (well, half of it anyway)! I've worked up a sweat so time to take a coffee break...I got some Southern Pecan flavored coffee and is so yummy and tastes like a real treat.
I've got my bed changed and the sheets and spread washed...the couch cover has been changed and washed all I need is a small load of towels and whites and a medium sized load of shirts/tops and one of jeans...then I will be all ready for next week. 
Sure is getting hectic at the accounting office, everyone just insists their taxes be done before the deadline of April 15, but it ain't gonna happen, some will have to file extensions...we have over 115 that have been dropped off to date and that doesn't count the 20-25 that are done each day! I have been trying to plug in some of the forms and correcting addresses or adding new information so that it will not take as long to finish the returns, but some of them are just way too complicated and the new laws with the Affordable HealthCare Act means more forms and takes longer to file, so at the end of the day I am too tired when I get home to clean or do laundry.  I barely get litter boxes cleaned and all the fur babies fed before I am in my jammies and on the bed watching TV....ROFL!  Getting older don't ya know?  (Actually, The Voice, American Idol and Dancing With the Stars and some others that I have to DVR, are for me to fall asleep to)! LMBO!!!
I think I did manage to do a page for Calvin last week and I did a couple of QPs to give away at Miriam's Scraps this week using her MK19.  The QP of Calvin is a gorgeous gift from Dawn at OklahomaDawn, that girl sure makes some awesome papers and elements, then gives them away and her templates are the greatest. This entire page is her template and her kit called Rustic Charm (you can find it on her blog)! The photos are a series that Margaret took of Calvin playing in the dirt with his trucks.  Isn't he adorable?
The QPs I've made (5 so far, but not all uploaded yet) for Miriam's Scraps were so fun to make,  her MK19 is supposed to be a mini kit, but is an awesome MAXI kit that she is generously sharing with all of you on her blog! Check it out you will love it! Here are the first 2 QPs I've made if you are interested...I've even made a page of Ms Annabeth in the #2 QP. Thanks Dawn and Miriam for all you share with me!

I think I have bored y'all coffee is gone and I still have 3 loads of clothes, another bathroom and the living room to clean and then I MIGHT THINK ABOUT cleaning this office up....maybe later....or not!  LOL! Well, whatever you do to make memories this weekend, make lots of them and then share with us! Have a fantastic one. Hugs, Mat


  1. Boa noite, querida amiga Mat!
    Obrigada pela visita e por suas amáveis palavras!
    Fico feliz que a primavera chegou aí e que você aproveitou para fazer uma limpeza na casa.
    Não exagere nos afazeres, pois sua cirurgia é recente e você não deve fazer muito esforço.
    Aqui no norte do Brasil ainda é inverno, mas no sul já é outono.
    Gosto de ver suas QPs, ficam muito lindas.A cada dia que passa seus trabalhos ficam mais lindos, delicados, com cores suaves que eu gosto.
    Gosto de ver também as postagens com sua família!
    Querida amiga, uma semana linda, com saúde e felicidade para você!
    Abraços, Neli.

  2. translated by Google....

    Good night, dear friend Matt!
    Thank you for visiting and for your kind words!
    I'm glad that spring came around and you took the opportunity to clean house.
    Do not overdo the business because his surgery is recent and you should not make much effort.
    Here in northern Brazil is still winter, but in the south is already autumn.
    I like to see their QPs, they are very beautiful. Every day that passes their jobs are more beautiful, delicate, with soft colors I like.
    I like to also see posts with your family!
    Dear friend, a beautiful week with health and happiness to you!
    Hugs, Neli.

  3. Wow, you have been busy, with your jb and then at home, you should try to do it in slower pace, surely at home, your surgery just done, it needs some more time to really heal and be strong again!
    I had a not bright weekend, will go to my blog now to tell a bit about it.
    Thanks for leaing always some nice comment when you visit it.
    I am trying to keep that up too, visiting blogs, leaving a comment or at the least make a mail or two, but things get in the way lately.
    All will settle down at a time, I am sure.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Woman, I am exhausted after reading all that you have accomplished around the house!! If only you lived closer, I could hire you to do my house too. lol.

    I agree with the others, don't overdo just yet. Give your eyes a good chance to thoroughly heal. It's good to be able to see again, isn't it? I had mine done many moons ago and to date I have 20/20 vision in them. Not bad at all.

    I agree about the taxes being wicked complicated, but that's why I have an accountant do mine. Numbers is not my forte.

    Spring hasn't caught up with us yet, but I have hopes that it will soon. Pogo and I are wanting to get out more. It's been too cold and snowy so far to spend any time outdoors.

    Ah well, I imagine too soon we'll all be complaining about the wicked heat of summer!!!

    Well, it's time to wash the supper dishes and settle in to watch a bit of TV. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.