Sunday, March 8, 2015

Time to Spring Forward

Boy O Boy!! We have had a very weird winter and I for one, hope it is over! I am so ready for Spring to arrive! I am anxious to see how the trees, flowers and grass do this year.  They all started budding and blooming and then "Whammo" we got a quarter inch of sleet and freezing rain and 3-7 inches of snow (4 inches at my house) on top of that with really howling winds that made drifts last Wednesday night.  Now this may not seem so strange to my northern friends.....but, for us here in brought us to another standstill. Broke records for most snow in March ever and most snow period in 5 years in this area.  Best thing, we all got to stay home on Thursday and watch the sun melt the most of it...that's the only good thing with the weather, it doesn't last forever down here! I know I can hear you laughing "sistas", but when you are not used to it, it is strange and unnerving as no one ( poor 18 wheelers) knows how to drive on it...especially all those 5 high overpasses and bridges cause we don't have enough sand trucks to accommodate all of them. Me, I don't know how to drive on ice and will not put myself or any other driver in jeopardy because of it. However, my outside fur babies just loved playing in it...look!
At least they have warm "condos" with heating blankets where they can warm up....LOL! I felt so sorry for them having to be out in the cold, but it looks like they were having fun. I had a hard time opening the back screen door as it was frozen shut (it faces the north) and was covered in ice.
Their food and water bowls were frozen to the ground (good thing they get clean ones each meal)! This is the 3 little ones out in my back yard, the two with the longer fur are boys, the little one is the only girl and they are sweet as can be. Well, enough about the is over and we have some slow soaking in kind of rain, but the ground is really saturated so I will probably have another river running in the back later today.  I have to get someone out to see where the back up is....I think it is behind my back fence at the businesses back of me...I have checked all along my fence line and it all seems to be clear!

OK, since I had Thursday off, as I was washing and drying laundry, (and waiting for the slush so I could sweep off my drive) I decided to create some scrap pages...I did a couple for my sisters-in-law, Jannette and Debbie, on the beach at Panama City, FL.
 I created this page with a freebie by Arlene at Baby Bear Digital Scrap, she really has some pretty gifts, you should visit her and her Etsy Shop too! I'm sorry I can't seem to find who the wordart is from, I got it a while back with no TOU with it.
This one of Debbie is by Vero called is also a free QP.  Vero is a designer at Digital Scrapbooking Studio where they give away stuff at least 3 times a week in the newsletter and if you get newsletters from the designers you get even more freebies. 
But this is my favorite scrap for awhile now....Margaret sent this adorable photo to me on Facebook of Hayden and Calvin being so sweet and I just had to make a memory page with it.  The kit is another freebie called Fading Hours by Kyra at With A Russian Dutch Heart.  This lady also gives freebies at least 3 times a week and some awesome gifts by her CTs Arlene and Florence.  The word art is by Miss Boots at Random Thoughts at Linda's Place that I picked up a while back also.  She has awesome QPs and some fantastic word art for you all free too! Stop by some of these very talented designers and snag a few (or a lot) of the fabulous freebies.  Visit all of them listed on the right of this blog...they are so GENEROUS!

I had my final post surgery check up last Wednesday afternoon, YIPPEE I have 20/20 in both eyes now. It is so strange to not put on glasses each morning or take them off each night.  I still try to out of habit especially getting into the shower...ROFL! I do use some reading glasses for working at the computer, to not have much eye strain until all the drops are stopped and all the healing is finished.  Afterwards I will have to make a trip to the DMV to have my drivers license changed with not restrictions for wearing eye glasses...LOL!  Yesterday after work, I came in and cleaned litter boxes, swept the whole house, then vacuumed  the area rugs, then mopped the whole house as I couldn't stand the tracks nice to be able to do all that again...and Monday I can wear my makeup again! (No more post surgery restrictions)

Hope you didn't forget to set your clocks forward last evening...I did, but then I had to rewind my grandfather clocks this morning so I set them as I did that.  The only other clocks are the microwave and the stove, those are done too, the phone and computer and IPads change automatically.  I am all caught up with this springing forward and ready to go for the real Spring to get here!  My coffee is gone so need to make another cup and get my hiney out of this chair for a bit...have a FABULOUS week ahead and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share! Chat more next time.  Hugs, Mat


  1. I'm so glad your cataracts are finally done. Isn't it great to have good eyesight again? I still wear glasses, but it is to keep the light away from my eyes. I really only need them to read.

    I love the photo of the kitty paw prints in the snow. Folks don't normally get to see kitties having fun in the snow. You are so lucky that the snow melts away quickly. We are still buried under it back home.

    Pogo and I are just loving the warm sun and temps here in Florida. We have one more week of it before heading back home.

    You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. I so enjoy the great vision. I have a pair for driving simply because of the stigmatism in one eye. Cataract surgery doesn't fix that.

    I think I have finally worn out this keyboard and will need to change it out. Too many keys are sticking and one shift key isn't working at all.

    Thanks for all the goodies you make. I have a great collection.

  3. You do such beautiful work! It's so nice you take such good care of your fur friends too. I just adore animals & donate to local charities all the time. They bring such joy into our lives.

  4. I so enjoy the great vision. I have a pair for driving simply because of the stigmatism in one eye. Cataract surgery doesn't fix that.

    I think I have finally worn out this keyboard and will need to change it out. Too many keys are sticking and one shift key isn't working at all.

    Thanks for all the goodies you make. I have a great collection.

  5. Boa noite, querida amiga Mat!
    Espero que você já esteja recuperada da cirurgia do olho.
    O inverno no Texas foi diferente do inverno nos outros estados, mas agora está próxima a primavera!
    Amanhã é o aniversário da minha bisneta Maria Helena, mas nós festejamos hoje. Meu marido e eu voltamos a pouco tempo da festa.
    Querida amiga, quero agradecer pelas suas visitas e suas lindas palavras que me deixam muito feliz.
    Desejo a você e aos seus uma semana linda e feliz!
    Abraços, Neli.

  6. So at the same time you had a bit lazy and busy time LL.
    Not going to work because of the snow, but you did lots at home!
    I am sooooo glad we didn't see practically no snow this year!! And happy for you that your eyes are wroking great again. Must be a real relief.
    Jan is almost ready to leave for his hospital appointment, hope he gets some real answers explanations and perhaps a proper intensive check up.
    so when he has left, I have a bit of time to do my blog, then I have more to-do things today.
    I hope spring really starts nw in your area, your furry babies also can do with some warmth.
    Have a wonderful week,

  7. translated by Google.....
    Good night, dear friend Matt!
    I hope you're already recovered from eye surgery.
    Winter in Texas was different winter in other states, but now next spring!
    Tomorrow is the anniversary of my great-granddaughter Maria Helena, but we celebrate today. My husband and I returned a little party time.
    Dear friend, I give thanks for your visits and your beautiful words that make me very happy.
    Wishing you and yours a beautiful and happy week!
    Hugs, Neli.