Thursday, May 14, 2015

From Drought to Flash Floods

We've been in a 4 year drought with little to no rain, now we are in flash flood alerts, all lakes are full and beginning to  release the overflow waters...last year this time we had experienced 5 inches of rain in 5 months...this year in same 5 months....20+ inches and rain in the forecast for the next 7 days.  We haven't seen the lakes over full and closed because of flooding since 2007....WOW!  The tornadoes, hail, wind and lightning strikes have been awful too, so much so that I haven't been able to be on my computer much! Finally got my AC unit repaired on Sunday afternoon after all the torrential to close all the windows and get the humidity out...! Here is what my little island looked like this past Sunday....all my flowers are suffering too from too much watering....LOL!
At my front door.....kitty igloo in lower left not affected (nor the kitty inside it)!
Down my driveway up past my ankles.....and about 1/3 way up the wheels of the Tahoe.
At my back door and close to my kitty condos....but they all stayed dry inside the condos....LOL!
Back corner to the left of my back door....Nice lake, huh? Had to wait for some of it to recede for the repairman to fix the burnt wire in the relay of my AC unit just outside my door to the left. Soggy job!

Today, there is still water in the back and on my front sidewalk, not as much, but still enough to wade in....we only got another inch of rain yesterday!  Still enough to get out and play in though and since I could do nothing else (or want to) I played in the water....lots of fun!  My neighbors now know I am crazy....LMBO!
Okay, today we only have 20% chance this morning and 40% this afternoon, so I am off here to go run a few errands before hand....I have to take my too youngest fur babies in for spay and neuter tomorrow and all their, fun, fun...I hate driving in the rain, but....! 

So I am off...whatever you do today make it fun and crammed full of great memories to share! Hugs, Mat

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  1. Gosh, be careful driving in all that water. Maybe you can set the kitty condos up on something that will keep them off the ground? This has to be a rough time for the outdoor kitties. It's so good of you to be taking care of them.

    I hope the rains subside soon. My goodness, enough is enough. Stay dry, and have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.