Monday, December 14, 2015

December is half over!

I can't believe how fast this month has gone, probably because I've been so busy (like everyone else) with cards and presents and all the normal day to day stuff!  Seems like I just posted about the 26 days left and now only 10 days and it's Christmas eve!
I've made each of my great nieces/nephews a Christmas page and put them on Facebook today.  Their parents and grandparents are so happy with them.  I will share here for my book this year.  All are in free frames by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli

Eliza & Annabeth
Daddy Mike and his girls
Amy's friend Mistie and her daughter Audrey Grace was a RAK cause I love the photo.

These two pages I created using the Christmas Mega kit from Miriam's Scraps.  I offer the QP and Cluster frame as freebies on her site if you would like them.
This is Annabeth decorating her first Christmas tree, she was concentrating very hard on doing it right and not toppling the tree on her....LOL (This is the free QP & free Cluster)
My friend Jan who is in a rehab facility after a serious illness, now she will be home for Christmas. I created this QP using the Cluster Frames I created...! She loved it! (This is the free Cluster Frame)
We've had such yo-yo weather that a lot of sickness is running rampant around here....therefore, I'm staying inside and not exposing myself to too much of it....(at least that is the excuse I am using to stay in jammies all day)! Got some high winds and hard rain on Saturday night/Sunday morning! The ground is still saturated from the last rains so I have a river out back...but with the middle to upper 60's today and tomorrow, it should recede soon.  Then Wednesday we are to have a real cold front come in dropping us back to the 30's & 40's but with no precipitation.  We may just get a few days of winter yet! This year we have gone from AC to heat back to AC so often, my poor unit is confused! (As are all my fur babies....the ones outside have added that winter fur coat and now it is too warm).  Got some of my plants in storage unit out back, but the Hibiscus is still blooming like crazy...will probably have to put it away by the end of the week.  It has 4 blooms open today!
Well, since I have been at this computer for awhile today, I think I best get up and get some other things accomplished and allow my joints to move a bit, besides it is cat feeding time...ROFLMBO!  They are gently reminding me.  Until next time, y'all make lots and lots and lots of memories to share with us! Hugs, Mat


  1. Lovely bunch of kids LOL!
    I cannot believe anymore than you that we are already halfway December and rushing to Christmas.
    Didn;t spend much time at te computer, which in a way is also pleasant sometimes.
    Know the ëxcuses"to not get out and stay in the warm pyama's ROFL>!
    Still rather good weather here, next few days it could even be around 14 C! Imagine that in December here in Holland!
    I don;t mind, just hope we will not get punished in end Januaray and Febr. and March with cold colder and coldest.
    Have a wonderful week, till later

  2. Your scrap pages are beautiful. You've been wicked busy! I know the "stay in my jammies all day" feeling. It can be rather nice.

    Today we having another gorgeous day here in New England. I know it won't last forever, but I'm loving every bit of it.

    I've finally finished all the cards and mailing boxes and packages. Phew!! Now I can concentrate on finishing up my baby crochet projects.

    Pretty soon, Pogo and I will be planning our yearly trek to Florida. Looking forward to it.

    I hope all your rain clears away before the really cold temps come in. We have a lot of puddles here, but they will be gone by the end of the day.

    Pogo and I wish you and your fur babies a very Merry Christmas and a super Happy New Year. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Querida amiga Mat, boa tarde!
    Muito obrigada pela visita e pelas suas lindas palavras.
    Gosto de ver suas postagens de sua bonita família!
    Suas crianças são lindas!
    Espero que você fique bem de saúde e seus gatinhos também e que não faça muito frio...
    Tenha um ótimo dia, abraços, Neli.

  4. translated by Google......
    Dear friend Matt, good afternoon!
    Thank you for your visit and for his beautiful words.
    Like seeing your posts to your beautiful family!
    Your children are beautiful!
    I hope that you stay in good health and her kittens too and that is not too cold ...
    Have a great day, hugs, Neli.