Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy CHRISTmas Eve!

I hope all of you are blessed with a wonderful day today and tomorrow! Enjoy your family and the fantastic food and fellowship with each other.  I am invited to 4 different places tomorrow, sure hope I will be able to enjoy the food at all 4 of them...means I will not eat much today so I can have room or bring some home for later or BOTH!!!!  ROFL!!
I did a bit of scrapping for family for the holidays and a big birthday this month....still not finished, but thought I would post them for the printing of my book at years end.  Can you believe how pretty the full moon is??? Hope to see it tomorrow, but with the 3-5 inches of rain coming in for the weekend, it may be too cloudy. It was gorgeous and bright last night. I think I heard this is first full moon on CHRISTmas since 1977 and won't happen again until 2034!! Enjoy it, those that can see it. Here's my pages for this week....!
First is Miss Jade who celebrated her 9th birthday on the 15th in a pretty pink QP by Miss Edna...she loved it!  Pink is one of her favorite colors.  She is growing too fast.
This is Lance and Margaret and their 3 children, Hayden with Wayne and Calvin in a page I created using some frames and clusters from Miriam's Scraps....I just loaded these cluster frames on Miriam's site as freebies if anyone wants them, this is Cluster frame # 3.
Here's Amy & Michael (no current photos of them together) with their 2 girls, Eliza and Annabeth.  This is Cluster Frame #4.
This is most recent photo of the 3 kiddos together (Ruby, Jayson, Jade) with mom and dad, Christina & Jason! This is Cluster Frame #5.
And the final one for the 2 double pages is Jeff & Tiff.  This is Cluster Frame #6.
And here is Sebrina with her sweetie Jeff and his son Thomas visiting Santa.  This is all from Miriam's Scraps except the Wordart it is a freebie from Ferrari at My Memories.

When I was growing up my parents taught me to say Thank You when someone gave me something (lost art nowadays) I wish to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all the lovely designers that have such big generous hearts that share their work with me.  I appreciate each and every one of you so much! My cup definitely runneth over with abundance of affection for all and I am very grateful for your friendships! Merry CHRISTmas to all! Love, Mat

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  1. Your scrap layouts are gorgeous. What beautiful memories for your family. Pogo and I had a wonderful Christmas. Santa was very good to my little guy. I imagine he was super good to your fur babies too. Mat, you have a wonderful day. I hope the New Year is a great one for you. HUgs, Edna B.