Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Inez

Happy Birthday Inez! Can't believe another year has passed already!! I know I have used this photo before (don't have a big supply to choose from) but I have been learning some new techniques for GIMP on photo enhancements, correction of color, and learning to "heal" a photo. My lovely red-headed sister-in-law's photo needed some work.  I took this photo back in the early 80's and the color is fading badly...the scanned version is at least stopping the erosion of the color and I am trying to correct that...not perfect yet, but working on is better than the original.  I created this cluster overlay using some of Miriam's elements and recolored them to resemble the color of garnet (the January birthstone) just for this occasion. (It is offered for free on Miriam's Scraps if interested), then I just played with fills and overlays to create the background. Anyhow, the Happiest of Birthdays is wished for you and that you will be blessed with many more to come my dear friend, Inez!
R.I.P. condolences for my cousin Amy's grandmother, Alma Jean Lawson, who passed away yesterday. This photo was on Amy's FB and was so sweet that it struck something in me to create a RAK page for Amy. I used a QP freebie by Arlene, CT for With A Russian Dutch Heart, using the kit From Past to Present by Kyra. the wordart circle is by Marisa L at Pixel Scrappers
While reorganizing folders for backup on my computer, I ran across this photo of Jannette & Mike that I wanted to scrap for Throw Back Thursday on FB (actually I just wanted to scrap this lovely shot)! I found this terrific free QP by Mirella at LTH Designs that I used to frame it. I like the soft romance of the look!
My niece, Amy Jo, was folding clothes on the couch when she snapped this photo of 8 month old Eliza Jane as she pulled herself up to standing position to watch, so...I just had to frame her in this lovely free frame by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli. She looks so sweet with all the lovely flowers doesn't she?
Maggie sent this photo of Calvin helping his daddy, Lance, work the cows...they were vaccinating them, it was just a cute shot and I decided to create a page..for this one I chose an older kit, called Country Home by Susan at Raspberry Road Designs....the cluster is by her CT Ellen.
This snapshot, Maggie sent of Wayne staring at his bottle, was so sweet, I just had to make a page using it too, he has such a concentrated look on his face that I labeled it Gimme! That Bottle....Now!! I used a QP from Raspberry Road's Shabby Baby.
Got this from Maggie (Hayden wanted Aunt Neenie to see it)!  I did not make a page for it as I did not have a current photo of Hayden to use with it...oh, well, I am so proud of her anyway that she made Honor Roll!
And finally, this is another cluster I created for Miriam's Scraps that I chose to put these cute photos of Wayne in...he has the most infectious cannot look at these photos and not smile, right? I just adore his dimples...he is the youngest grandson of my sister Penny! (3 months old) Sure wish I could go for a visit to meet him and Eliza! They were both born since I was last there in April! They grow up too fast!
I have a few more photos I got that I haven't been able to get to scrap yet, so look for more next time. I didn't realize I got to do this many pages this past week....I've really been busy trying to organize things and get them all backed up, plus trying to keep up with the organizing of my home....since I will be going back to work at the tax office for about 8 weeks...I won't be doing a lot of my daily just trying to get a jump on it!
Well, I think I have chatted long enough...the games are about to start, so off here to go watch them. the ones yesterday were fabulous! The Patriots and the Cardinals both won nail biters.  I love my Packers, but I am glad the Cardinals are getting a "chance" (new team). Today...will narrow out 2 more!  Going to pop some popcorn and get ready, so until next time...keep making those memories to share! Hugs, Mat


  1. So lovely pages you've made. and are kids not the best object to make pages for?
    Oh, so you are going to work again for a while? Oops. that will be a change, after a lon period of not doing things on regular basis.
    It's still a bit cold here, daytime around zero and nights some degrees of frost. But may be by the end of the week temps could go up. Would be lovely. My bones and muscles aren;t happy with cold weather. LOL.
    yet today it looks nice, although cold we have some sunshine and even large spots of blue sky. May be a bit later I will take a little walk, it's good to keep moving, you know.
    Okay, I have to do some more blogreading and perhaps there is time left to start on a new kit, but I am not sure about that last thing yet.
    Have a fantastic day,

  2. My goodness, you have been busy! Your scrap pages are lovely. I imagine it will be fun to get back to work for a while. And the extra money will come in very handy too.

    How are your outdoor kitties doing? We are not seeing as many little birds or squirrels lately. It has been so cold here. I worry so about the small critters and other outdoor animals around here.

    I do what I can to keep Pogo warm. He's so tiny and low to the floor. His little feet get cold on the tiled floors, but he never complains.

    Now I'm off to do a bit more catching up on my blog reading. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.