Saturday, January 9, 2016

OMG! 2016 is here!

Happy 2016 to all of you from all of us! I cannot believe it is already 9 days into 2016 and I am just posting for the New Year, but I have had a spell with my right hand that required me resting it some....and I have been busy organizing my files, backing them up and getting things together for tax season, plus readying the outside for ?winter?....if we get one that lasts more than a day or two! Yesterday we saw 68F and today MIGHT make it up to 48F and tomorrow we will start off in the 20's!! By middle of next week we will be back into the 50's!  Guess Mother Nature can't make up her mind!! Anyhow, I wish all of you a very happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed 2016! BTW, this card was by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli!
I did manage to do a few pages this week, but even with using QPs it seemed to take me forever....guess I am slowing down a bit (or just lazy, or can't make up my mind, or lazy, lazy, lazy)!  I did a page for Miss Ruby as her birthday was on the 31st...she turned 7! I can't believe how fast the years are slipping by, seems she was just born a couple of years ago. Anyhow here's her birthday page....A freebie frame by Neli!
Then, I created a card for Jason & Christina and their kids for greeting sister Kathy loved it, of course with her grand babies all on it! LMBO!! I created this page using the MSXmas kit by Miriam at Miriam's Scraps, and wordart by TLC!
I also got a photo of Amy's girls, Annabeth and Eliza with their Starling cousins, Blair and Brinson all together for the holiday so I just had to put them on a lovely page by Manu.
Of course I had to scrap this photo of Christina with the kids visiting Santa and Mrs. Claus (I am surprised she got Jayson to let them take the photo, he is afraid of Santa)! But...he did and I loved the shot so....put it in a QP by Sekada from The Digital Scrapbooking Studio called the Gift (Album)!
Amy sent me this photo of Eliza sleeping that was so stinking cute, she just had to be put on a page, doesn't she look absolutely precious, just wanna kiss those sweet cheeks...I so would love to see her (I'd love to see all of them, they are growing way too fast)! I created this page using an older kit by Raspberry Road Designs called Shabby Baby.
And Maggie sent me a photo of Hayden in the outfit she got for her birthday (with the money I sent her) that she wanted me to see...she is just the sweetest little model.  She is 7 now and loving school, just got her report card, all A's and on the honor roll...very proud of her! She just looked so good in this QP by Miss Edna, don't ya think?
Maggie also sent me this shot of Calvin of his new riding shotgun position when they go shopping! Since she has Wayne up top, Calvin has chosen to ride on the bottom rack of the cart....really....he has more control when he wants her to stop....LMBO.....anyhow, the shot was just too cute to not put on this QP by Neli that he wanted to play too!
I, again, want to thank all these wonderfully gifted and generous designers that offer so many gorgeous freebies for us so we can make the lovely memories to share! Now, I have a good start on my blog book for 2016! I need to get the 2015 one ready and get it printed to add to my collection, they are a lot of fun to go back and reminisce! Thanks to all of you that leave such sweet comments too, I have them printed as well and love re-reading all of them.
Got to get off now for a spell, need to get dressed and get to the Sprint store to be first in phone decided to die yesterday and won't come on at all...this made me feel way too vulnerable last got to get it I can keep in touch! (Really dependent aren't we? but only phone service I have and my family is not always on social media)! Y'all have a fantastic weekend and make lots and lots and lots of memories to share! Be Safe! Hugs, Mat


  1. Olá, minha querida amiga Mat!
    Muito obrigada pela visita e por trazer notícias suas.
    Respondi seu comentário lá no meu blog.
    Quando somos crianças o tempo passa muito devagar, mas quando somos adultos a passagem do tempo vai se acelerando cada vez mais...
    Já faz mais de uma semana que 2016 começou!
    Hoje minha bisneta completa 1 ano e 10 meses, já está parecendo uma mocinha...
    Minha amiga, um 2016 maravilhoso para você, com muita saúde, alegria e felicidade!
    Abraços, Neli.

  2. translated by Google....
    Hello, my dear friend Matt!
    Thank you for your visit and for bringing your news.
    I answered your comment here in my blog.
    When we are children the time passes very slowly, but when we are adults the passage of time is accelerating more and more ...
    It's been over a week since 2016 started!
    Today my granddaughter complete 1 year and 10 months, is already looking like a girl ...
    My friend a wonderful 2016 for you with good health, joy and happiness!
    Hugs, Neli.

  3. translated from her blog site....
    Hello, my dear friend Matt!
    Thank you for your news and all your kind words.
    I hope your health improves. My husband greatly improved the arthritis taking magnesium chloride daily and until I improved bursitis with this medicine. Talk about it with your doctor.
    I hope you do not fall too temperatures there. Here is the reverse, the weather is very very hot, is around 35-40 degrees Celsius ...
    My poodle Ceci made a cirugia on Thursday (took 2 small nodules and 4 inferiores_ breasts. The smallest poodle, Sophie had a seizure yesterday. I'm going every day to the vet for dressings and injections of antibiotics in Ceci.
    Dear friend, who in 2016 realize your dreams and bring good health to you.
    Hugs, Neli.

  4. What beautiful scrap pages. I know what you mean about reading through your blog books. It really is rather fun to look back over the previous years this way.

    The weather this year has really been crazy. You're right. Mother Nature just does not know what she wants to do. Maybe Spring will be much better though. Let's hope so.

    Today it is raining here. We were supposed to have a lot of wind, but that hasn't happened yet.

    I hope your hand is better soon. I find that I have to give mine a rest every so often to keep them working.

    Here's hoping this is going to be a great year for all of us. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. Yes, the year is going fast. Soon tax stuff will come around the corner(yak), and then I hope spring will come early. always can hope for it, hey?
    It's aweful to see how dependant we are from computers and phones and all things. without computer nowadays you almost can;t do anything and it is a thing I don;t like too much. But we do have to live with it and learn to live with it.
    Hopefully you have some medication for the trouble on your hand?
    You have a wonderful day and yes, I too hope it will be a great year for all of us.

  6. Hi Mat, thought I would stop in at your place today and say Hi! Love your pages- looks like you have been very busy. I have gotten a few done this week, gotta get back at it, haven't done to many in the last few months. It's cold here- just hate to even go outside, but I did venture out today and got some groceries, and we are going out to supper tonight with some friends. Jim is going to a Wilds Hockey game on Friday and it's suppose to be really cold then too, I'm staying home where it's warm and watch it on T.V.
    Stay warm- happy scrapping.
    Hugs Donna