Thursday, August 25, 2016

FANTASTIC 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janiero

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2016 summer Olympics! I must admit I really became a couch potato until it was over! I watched games that I had never watched before and stayed glued to my TV and taped stuff during the night to catch the next day...LMBO...yes, I know a little OCD, but....I did it anyway! I failed to concentrate much on anything else other than feeding my fur babies and cleaning up behind them before I started watching each day! I did only the minimal around here, so...this week I have been relocating dust bunnies off the furniture and cleaning a dirty house...all my floors needed a good cleaning (that took me 2 days) and the dust on the furniture wanted to fight me transferring them somewhere else!!! Oh, and all my pjs needed to be washed and dried and folded and put away, I did get out of them long enough to get the grocery shopping done (only because I needed cat food :D and litter)! I even spent a day doing some stuff for my CPA's military reunion next month and got my car washed.  And, most importantly, I had to make a few scrap pages (did these when the news was on cause I could listen while I scrapped)!
The weather this month has been totally WEIRD....first 12 days we had temps of 100+ and not much rain, then the next 11 days was cloudy, overcast, in the middle 80's and almost 4" of rain.  Now the weather has changed again for the new school year to begin....lower to mid 90's...but so HUMID it feels like it is 100 again. 
I am trying to get back into a normal (?) routine again...but kind of enjoyed the LAZINESS and it's taking a little longer! Can you believe we are almost into September (and all the new shows/series start) and Labor Day is just around the corner? 
Here are the pages I scrapped since I last to get them in my book....and I have a lot more to do to catch up.  Amy sent me several new photos and Kathy's grandkids are all in school now, so when I do finally catch up, I will be busy scrapping!  Amy's birthday was the 12th...(would have been my brother's too) and Oreo turned 11.
This is Maggie and Wayne that I confiscated from her FB page to create this one for her to frame in an 8x10.
This was a just because I had to...LMBO...Loved the yellow roses by Booland Designs sooooo...
My tribute page for my Brother's birthday (12th), my ex-hubby Pete's birthday (15th) and my Mama's (18th).
This is Penny's pastor, his birthday was also on the 18th (I went to school with his wife) and he just adores all the pages I make, so surprised him with one!
TBT was a fun day, here's Jade and Ruby, Easter 2010...they are so small here!
Penny's 3...Amy is still that cute and so are her 2 girls and Lance now has 1 daughter and 2 sons!
This was 1986, First and Last time Kathy and Penny had their boys together. Kathy is in Illinois and Penny is in southern Georgia.
My ex (2nd & 3rd) and I took my boss's son Rusty to basic training! He says he does not remember this! LOL!
This was made in 1973 as Fuzzy and I were leaving for work, (Inez always cut his head off when she took photos) at the Thomasville Police Department.
Fuzzy, Inez (his sister) and I in 1978 or 79! the quality of the photo was not very good, this is one that I scanned from an older album.
January 1988 just after Fuzzy and I separated for the 2nd time! Sure wish I was this thin again...LMBO!
Amy's beauties playing dress the one made in the mirror! Look at Annabeth's face in the bottom photo...Love it!  Most of these pages have been made a while, but just decided to post them.  I do have the names of the QP designers, but will have to see where I put that list and get back with links to them!
Got to get up out of this chair and move around, I think it is almost time to feed those fur babies again! Finished with what I aim to get done today and then I think I will catch up with a few blogs I have neglected and see if my friends are still talking with me since I have ignored them for so long....ROFL! Y'all have a FABULOUS weekend and make lots and lots of memories to share! More later....Hugs, Mat


  1. Kyra sent this e-mail cause she couldn't leave message here, I copied and pasted as when I print my books I also print my messages...and I want this in it too! LOL!
    Hi Mat,

    Just made a comment on your blog, but it didn;t work, (I think you didn;t get it)
    So better through email.
    Yes, Olympics were fantastic, talking about sport events
    Better not talk about things at the background, which weren;t always so well-organized, or worse
    One thing is for sure, it does make you lazy LOL
    Hard to get into "normal"routine again, specially with the sudden heat we have at the moment, it kind of paralyses you
    And it lasts too short of time to really get used to.
    Oh well, it is good weather and how longer it keeps going on, the shorter we need to put on the central heating, which is good for the energy bill .
    Think I will try to get some chores done in the house.
    You made a good lot of layouts, so you still did something at the computer I didn;t do almost anything, don;t have the real spirit for it at the moment.
    Not to worry too much, it will come back at some time I guess.
    You have a fantastic day and weekend and such more,

  2. Olá, querida amiga Mat, boa tarde!
    Muito obrigada por suas visitas ao meu blog.
    Seu país ganhou muitas medalhas nas Olimpíadas, como sempre, mas nosso país inteiro torceu por Phelps que é um grande atleta e nos encantou com seus feitos.
    Imagino quanto trabalho você ainda tenha para deixar sua casa em ordem.
    Estou com uma forte gripe e estou bem cansada.
    Querida amiga, um lindo e alegre fim de semana para você!
    Abraços, Neli.

  3. As usual, your scrap pages are beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed the Olympics. These young people work so hard to put on a great competition.

    I understand how easy it is to be lazy, but oh my, it does feel really good!! And I know your fur babies love it!!

    I can't believe the kids are going back to school in another week. Actually, some have already gone back. Time flies by so quickly once we reach retirement. Pretty soon, I'll be counting the days till Spring again. haha.

    Now it's time to give my Pogo a soothing bath. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Translated by Google....
    Hello, dear friend Matt, good afternoon!
    Thank you for your visits to my blog.
    His country won many medals in the Olympics, as always, but our entire country twisted by Phelps is a great athlete and enchanted us with his deeds.
    Imagine how much work you still have to leave your house in order.
    I have a bad cold and I'm pretty tired.
    Dear friend, a beautiful and happy weekend for you!
    Hugs, Neli.