Sunday, July 31, 2016

Holy Cow, It's been awhile!

I swear, the time is just flying by and either I am getting forgetful or just slowing down to an almost crawl...LOL! I do not know where the day goes! I get up really early each morning and am up usually till the 10 p.m. news is over, but seems I get less and less done or I am just taking longer to do the things I do get done each day! I have good intentions of posting, then I start a project like cleaning an area, think of something else I need to do (before I finish the one I am on) then get sidetracked doing that and come back to what I was a bit in the middle of the day...then it's bed time! I must admit, I do have a weird routine, but the fur kids keep me busy a lot, I stop and watch a little TV, I sit at the computer (when my hands allow it) and then it's time to feed the fur kids, clean up behind them again and then retire to watch the evening news and various shows I am "hooked" on, but I just don't seem to get as much accomplished as I set out to at the beginning of the day! (Old age is creeping in I guess).  Actually, I have been on the phone a lot lately with Amy (sometimes 2-3 hours at a time, they miss me..) and have been helping a friend find some info on, and helping another over a rough patch with a medical issue (she's in MA and I am in TX so the phone calls take a bit of time) and I am trying to clear out and organize my computer and other things to have my life in some kind of order (for those left after my time on this earth is over) and it just seems to rob me of time for doing fun things....LOL!
Here are some pages I have managed to scrap in the time since I posted last...I need to post them here so they will be in my book that is printed at the end of the year. Those books are so delightful to view during the "free" times I have. Others really seem to enjoy perusing them as well. Nice journaling of my personal history too! These 3 photos I created pages for Kathy's son Jason and his kids when they enjoyed a "dress up" to olden days on one of their trips to 6 Flags...aren't they just the cutest? Kathy especially requested the page of Jade alone since she adores the photo. I love the one of the 3 kids together (which I recolored) because of the signs in the background. I'm not sure I can remember all the designers that I used, but will give it a great and valiant try!
So, sticking with this theme...I was using my new Photomyne App to scan albums with my iPhone when I ran across a couple of photos from my time spent in Turkey in 1967-1969. Such wonderful memories just started flooding in and I did these 2 pages.  The first one (I recolored a b/w to fit this QP) was made at the Istanbul airport in 1969 as we were headed home (my dress was handmade for me as I had a 17" waist and couldn't find clothes to fit), the second was in 1968 with a friend (sad to say I have forgotten her name now and Pete has passed on) but I have other photos I have scanned in that I hope to create scrap pages for soon. (Love this expensive $5 app)
I used a QP by BooLand Designs from her Texan Rose kit for a Happy Birthday page for my friend Jannette! We had fun on her special day as we went to Babe's for fried chicken.
Next I got a couple of photos from Maggie of the boys to scrap for her on Facebook. Calvin is all about Tractors and when he can ride on one with his daddy or Papa, he is one happy little boy! His brother Wayne is just so stinking cute in this photo, how could I resist making a page for him using it?
Then, Amy sent me a few photos at the insistence of Princess Annabeth for some pages...that little girl is almost as big a talker as her mama and she just wants what she wants....I can't say no to her, other than No, I can't come to visit right now! She and Hayden think I should be visiting with them as often as they want to see me....Loving the affection and really longing to visit with all of them, but I haven't the money right now nor someone to care for my fur kids in my absence! (sniff, sniff).
Top photo is of Annabeth with her princess dress and crown on, the second is her in her bed fighting a nap. The third is Eliza when she fell asleep reading her Frozen book, the fourth is Eliza watching Snow White while her sissy is napping. The fifth is a trip to WalMart for Amy and the girls while Hayden was visiting them and the last one is a few years ago of Amy for a TBT photo on Facebook.  Goodness how I love that child!
Okay, gonna get off here for a bit, NASCAR races are starting...and will gather my info on all the designers to come back and post.  Check back in a couple of hours with you! Make lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs, Mat

OK, I'm back with the list (finally found where I had written them down!).  Thanks to all you terrific designers for your freebies/your fabulous kits!
#1 kit by Digicats called Through Time 
#2  QP from Manu called In Those Days
#3 QP called Christmas Gift by Mirella at LTH Designs
#4 QP from Manu called Explore the Attic by Jacq
#5 QP8 called SS by Feli at Digital Scrapbooking Studio
#6 QP Texan Rose by BooLand Designs
#7 Background and clouds from AimeeH's Sky Is The Limit kit at Digital Scrapbooking Studio the Polaroid frame is from JMADD (Jen Maddocks) @ DSS and the Tractor is a free png from the net.
#8  Is created from BooLand's Precious Blue kit
#9 Is QP from Sekada's Love is Pink kit at DSS
#10  Free Frame from Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli
#11 2 kits from Booland Designs 
#12 QP Movie Night 3 by Dea Designs using April The Scrapaholic kit.
#13 is from Kyra's (With a Russian-Dutch Heart) kit called Revisited Memories & cluster by CT Arlene
#14 is a QP from Feli's (at Digital Scrapbooking Studio) collaboration kit called Time Avenue


  1. Isn't is amazing how quick time passes and when thinking back what you actually did, it is hard to remember, but days go by and then a week is gone again I have this feeling too, only I think I am not that busy as you are, although I try but sometimes there isn;t just the energy for it, I think
    Perhaps we are suffering from creeping in old age slowly.LOL
    Oh I am also looking forward to the Olympics, only kind of bad think is, that all the live stuff will mostly be at night here, because of the time difference. Of course there will be re-runs on other parts of the day, but it isn;t quite the same.
    If you could make a trip to the kids, isn;t there really anybody who could feed your furry sweethearts?
    Perhaps a neighbour you trust enough, or perhaps the renters of the condo?
    would be nice to make that visit, if you can afford the money, of course.
    Okay, will try now to make the preview of the last made kit and upload it
    Have a wonderful week, and try to be a bit more lazy at times LOL

  2. I figured I couldn't remember which kit I used for very long so I took to putting the name in the bottom corner of the kit and the designer. My thanks to all of them for being so generous and even then I still buy some that are really catching my fancy to use at a later date. I'm alone here for 3 days while every one is up in the woods camping. Having a good time. Did a couple of chores, ate breakfast, and now just playing around in the blogs.
    Have a nice day and I really enjoyed the pages you made. Where I post and do my rambling.

  3. Your layouts are all so pretty. Your books must be wonderful. I know what you mean about not accomplishing everything I set out to do. Things come along and change my schedule, but who cares? I'm retired, so it's okay.

    I try to keep up with things on my laptop, emails, blog, etc. Then of course, Pogo wants a big share of my time. I guess the housework is where I do my neglecting. It will still be here when I am not. I guess I have my priorities. haha.

    It's warm and dry here. We could use a little rain. Not a flood, mind you, but a bit of rain would really be appreciated.

    Enjoy your fur babies and your time away from work. Have a super weekend, hugs, Edna B.