Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Support The BLUE

There is so much sadness here in the area after the ambush of the Dallas Police Department on the 7th, my heart is so heavy and have been praying a lot for the families and community since. I am only 30 miles west of Dallas. Still takes over all the newscasts because of the out pouring of love for our Men in Blue. Hits close to home for me since I was a police dispatcher (as was my mother) and I was married to a policeman for 12 years total (married and divorced and then remarried him), my sister works at the Sheriff's Office and her son-in-law is a jailer/deputy! I shudder to think what our country would be like with no police officers! Thanks for Police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings for conducting themselves very professionally and taking care of the families of the slain/injured. Today the POTUS (and President Bush) will be in town for a memorial service and all the burials are to take place the rest of the week.
Sad, sad times around the US as the division grows...we need to stop all the groups stirring up the HATE...we are all human beings, we need to accept and love each other! We are born to love, but the HATRED is taught (the devil is definitely at work)! I've stayed off Facebook a lot lately because I don't want to see all the negativity, but I did see a few photos I wanted from there. Here they are!

 God Bless all of them and their families and bless this country! We need HIM back in our lives so this nation can heal! 
Hot & Humid & Windy....July in Texas! Means staying indoors as much as possible in the air conditioning! LOL! Gives me time to do some organizing of files on my computer and doing a complete backup too! Wow, it takes awhile since I have so much on my PC. Lots of music, photos and scrapbooking kits too! Feel good about the progress I have made, but still have more to do as my arthritic fingers will allow!  I did manage to do a few pages off and on at times....take a look!
This was left off my Father's Day pages, a RAK for my second cousin and her father in a page by Just So Scrappy!
A page of remembrance for Calvin's first catfish he caught all by himself..he was so pleased. His daddy and Papa said he couldn't reel it in so he just kept backing up until he pulled it out of the water...smart boy! I used embellishments from Manu and With A Russian Dutch Heart and Kimeric Kreations and wordart from Prairie Song Scraps to create the page.
Amy's 2 girls with their cousin Blair, just loved the photo of them all sitting together in the same chair. I used a cluster by Patty B Scraps, wordart by TLC & a page overlay from Kimeric Kreations.
Amy's girls again in a page I created using a background from RDH's Kyra and 2 clusters by Amanda at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
Thanks to all these terrific designers as most of them supply me with awesome freebies.  I just got some beautiful photos of Kathy's grandchildren that I will be scrapping next! Stay tuned y'all!
The last week of June I was called to my physician's office for a battery of tests my insurance company wanted done before the 30th. I was there almost 4 hours and only problem was some hardening of arteries causing my blood pressure to drop some when I stand. He has suggested a vitamin to help them expand. I have lost 12 pounds since last October when he saw me last...that was good news. I had my well woman check up yesterday, no new problems found (unless blood work comes back with some) and have my mammogram scheduled, so that means I'm good for another year right? All checkups with my eyes, teeth and physical done for this year as soon as this mammo and bone density is finished! Can't complain about anything but the arthritis.....LMBO! Feeling Good!!!!!
Got to run pickup my prescriptions and get back inside. Will hush for now. In the meantime, make lots and lots of memories to share, stay healthy and happy! Chat more with you later! Hugs!! Mat


  1. That attack in Dallas was here on the news too, of course. I too wish that all will use a bit of common sense and realize we all have to live together, so why make it so difficult and keep looking for differences and such?
    Glad all your checkups turned out to have positive result, so you are done with that for another year.
    I am feeling somewhat better, one day is better than another, but we will get there at good feeling point again some day LOL!
    Have a wonderful day and week,

  2. I do to Mat- I don't know what is happening in our world, but something has to change. We are fighting with each other when we need to be working together to stop ISIS and the others that are trying to destroy our country.
    I have no idea what kinda world my grandkids and great grandkids are going to have. It's sad and so very scary!

  3. I have to agree that the news and happenings are very scary. I was glad to see that President Bush is showing respect and gratitude for our fallen officers. Makes you wonder why someone else wasn't there. Ah well.

    I hope all the hate and rioting will soon end. We need to put Him back into our country and our daily lives.

    You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.