Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Good Morning Y'all! Happy Father's Day to all my immediate family members that are fathers...Jim, Weymond, Jason, Lance, Michael, Jeffery....and to friends, even those that are fathers to fur babies! Love you dad while you still have him, cause you will miss him every day after he is gone! Mine has been gone 28 years now and I wish I could just pick up the phone and call him once in awhile. I did manage to make some memory pages this past week for all my much loved fathers...starting with a family portrait of my daddy and his 2 daughters (Me & Kathy/Jim), 2 grandsons (Jason/Christina & Jeff/Tiff ) and 3 grandchildren (Jade/ Ruby/Jayson) . The background/frame is from Miriam's Scraps Black & Gold kit and wordart is an old one from WAWBJ....
Then I did a page for my sister Kathy and her better half, Jim, with their 2 sons (Jason & Jeff) and 3 grandkids (Jade, Ruby & Jayson) in a page using Miriam's background paper and wordart is also by WAWBJ but I can't remember or find who the frame is by.....
Then the page for Jason of him at 6 flags with his girls, Jade/Ruby and Jayson. This cluster frame is from Just So Scrappy (Erica) at My Memories and the background is by ddd at Pixel Scrappers.
My brother (he/Penny and I share same mother, but different fathers) passed in 1996...his daughter is not married yet, but is involved with a terrific guy, Jeffery, who has a son named Thomas that just adores Sebrina, so I created a page for them too, using a cluster by Julie C Designs (at Digital Scrapbooking Studio) and the wordart is by Alybet.
Penny's Weymond (twin sons & Amy and 5 grandkids) looks so good in this frame I created for Miriam's Scraps with background from Booland, Past Treasure, background and stamp frames from Marisa Lerin's free minikit, Captured.
Lance's page showcases him in different activities with his 3, Hayden/Calvin/Wayne ( in a QP created using frames from Raspberry Road Designs Coming Home kit and Wordart by WordArts1SC.
Michael is Amy Jo's hubby and they have 2 beautiful girls, Annabeth & Eliza in this lovely easel frame from Miriam's Scraps on a background by TKing and wordart is by WAWBJ.
I put all these on Facebook yesterday to wish all of them a grand Father's Day with their loved ones. This page I did for Papa (Weymond). He was at Amy's to share Eliza's first birthday when Amy snapped the photo.  I just loved it and put it in 2 frames by Neli.
Here it is 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning and I'm sitting here listening to oldies but goldies in country music. Yep, those from the 50's-70's and memories are just flooding soothing to listen to all the songs you know the words to! You know those songs that are advertised on TV from Time Life for $100+ for 15 CDs? Well, I visited the website and copied/pasted the list of songs on them and printed out the list. I checked my music library on my computer to see how many of them I had by the original artists....AMAZING....out of 270 songs on the list (quite a few duplicates of songs by other artist too), there are only 55 that I do not own already! So I spent most of the day yesterday putting them on a playlist in the order of that list. Can you believe I had the most enjoyable day? Today (while blogging) I am making (and listening) my own CDs of them so I can play them in my car or boombox) there's 25-29 songs per CD so I have 9 so far, think I will add some of my favs to make it 10. I have an obvious obsession with music...of all genres/generations. I would certainly have more money in the bank if I did not purchase so much of it, but I can escape the outside (HOT) world (even forget to eat)  when I am immersed in my music...LOL!
Well, guess I better get my buns off this chair for a bit and get to moving around some, besides you are tired of all this babbling I am sure....ROFL!  Have a terrific Sunday making lots of memories to share! Chat more later on! Hugs, Mat


  1. Oh, I miss my dad very often and he has passed away already for almost 26 years now. Unbelievable.
    You just don;t know how much you miss your parents, only after they are gone for some time( of course if you had a good understanding with them).
    With such a large family you did have some work to make all the pages for the daddies LOL.
    love music too, must say that I don;t listen too much to it past time, but Jan and I love about the same kind of msic which is great.
    Most of it pop, older one, hey, love songs, singer/song writer ones, several classical too at times, we have a lot of vinyl and cd's and then even tapes.
    Rainy day today , not nice, bit cold, but next few days it will be more like summer again.
    Have to read some other blogs, so leave you in peace now.
    Have a wonderful day and week ahead.

  2. Bom dia, querida amiga Mat!
    Aqui no Brasil o Dia dos Pais é em Agosto.
    Perdi meu pai ainda menina, tinha 14 anos, mas me lembro muito dele.
    Gosto de ver o seu amor pela sua família, minha amiga, eu admiro muito o seu carinho por sua família.
    Hoje é dia de limpeza aqui em casa. Faço limpeza nas quartas-feiras e nos sábados.
    Querida amiga, um resto de semana muito feliz para você e os seus!
    Abraços, Neli.

  3. Ah, you're a gal after my heart! I love listening to the oldies. My brother and I had collected quite a lot of this music. I was raised on country music, but I also love all the oldies but goodies rock n roll. (not that noisy stuff they call rock today.)

    Your scrap pages are beautiful. Your family is very lucky that you are saving all these precious memories for them.

    I'm hoping that the contractor will call me soon to say that they will be starting to build my porch. The contract says that it will be finished within the next two weeks. Hmmm, first they have to show up and build it! Yes, I am getting impatient. I am wanting to sit out on it and enjoy the nice weather that we've been having. Maybe soon.

    Stay cool and have a great weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. translated by Google....
    Good morning, dear friend Matt!
    Here in Brazil the Father's Day is August.
    I lost my father as a child, was 14 years old, but I remember a lot of it.
    I like to see his love for his family, my friend, I admire your affection for your family.
    Today is cleaning day here at home. I do cleaning on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
    Dear friend, a very happy week of rest for you and yours!
    Hugs, Neli.