Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Heat advisory goes into effect today!

Yep, here it is the 15th of June (half way through the month already) and we have our first heat advisory in effect. The humidity is simply horrible here...not been this bad in quite a few years. Yesterday it was 92F but with the humidity the heat index hit 103F, today it could be as high as 106-107F. Okay, that means I stay indoors with my AC running and I get to scrap, scrap, scrap as long as my hands will allow it. ROFLMBO and enjoying every minute!
With just me and the fur babies around, the house doesn't require a lot of upkeep all the time, so with a little run of the Dyson to get the fur and my hair up,  clean the litter boxes and my bathroom, dust a bit, make my bed and feed the babies/wash their takes me about an hour of constant moving, then I can sit and scrap (since the storms are out of here for a spell now), read my e-mails, color, watch what I have DVR'd or a Netflix movie or even catch a snooze (since I'm usually up at 4-4:30 am each morning)!
I did manage a couple of pages last week in between the storms and the "baby" sitting of my renters newest addition. On Tuesday, one of their co-workers rescued a tiny, tiny kitten trying to cross the road by itself, so she asked could I watch it until she got off know me, sucker for kitty cats! Mine were not too crazy about her being here, but we managed without anyone getting hurt...LOL!  I took a couple of photos on my phone of her and created a page to send to her rescuer.  When, her significant other fell in love with "Roxie" as soon as he saw her,  they adopted her. She is sooooooo cute and sweet and very affectionate now too! Here she is, in a QP by Fecnikek called spilled milk, isn't she just adorable?
I also ran across a QP by Neli with this adorable Pug, so I just had to create the page for my sweet friend Inez and her hubby Larry as they have 3 pug babies in their household...they simply had a fit over the page when I put it on their Facebook pages! The circle of love around the frame is by Marisa Lerin at Pixel Scrappers.
I also Created a page for my nephew Jeff and his bride of 18 years, Tiffany for their anniversary using the June cluster frame I made for Miriam's Scraps and an alpha I have had for years with no TOU.
Then little Miss Hayden lost another tooth and was so proud of herself for pulling it and not even shedding a tear, she had to share the photo with me and asked for a "special picture" for Facebook!  I used a lovely QP by Miss Edna for her special photo that she requested....LMBO! She is such a diva! Not sure who the WA is from, no TOU with it!
Amy had sent me several photos of the kiddos playing together and Mimi just needed a page to show off her sweet grand kids....all 5 of them.  This is what i came up with, I resized a frame by Kimeric Kreations and the overlay of the background is from Snickerdoodle at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
The rest of the week was spent watching a lot of TV shows and grocery shopping, the NASCAR races and then just glued to the TV for info of the tragedies in Orlando....(Christina Grimme on Friday, the Pulse Club on Saturday, and the alligator taking the toddler last evening)....still praying for all those affected by them and for our country to regain some sanity!
Well, time to move around a bit (and a sandwich break) so will close out for this post. Y'all have a fantastic rest of the week and hopefully you will be making lots and lots of memories to share! Hugs to all and I Love You to! Mat


  1. Boa tarde, querida amiga Mat!
    Gosto de vir aqui e ler notícias sobre o seu dia a dia, seus bebês de pelo e tudo o mais. Essa última bebê é muito linda e doce.
    Gosto de ver como você é muito querida para seus amigos e também para sua linda família!
    Tenho estado um pouco ocupada ultimamente porque tenho saído muito de casa e quando volto só tenho tempo de cuidar dos afazeres de todo dia.
    Querida amiga, um resto de semana muito feliz e tranquilo para você!
    Abraços, Neli.

  2. Your scrap pages are beautiful. I just love little Roxie. What a cutie pie!

    Gosh, I don't think I could stand all that heat and humidity. It makes for difficult breathing. I try not to run my AC, but I do if it is necessary. Our weather has been just gorgeous. I'm really going to miss this Spring, with summer on it's way in this weekend.

    Today I'm being lazy because tonight I'm going out with my kids to see my granddaughter Jazzy perform in an adult cabaret. I'm really looking forward to it.

    You and your kitties stay well, and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. translated by Google...
    Good afternoon, dear friend Matt!
    I like to come here and read news about their day to day, by their babies and everything else. This last baby is very beautiful and sweet.
    I like to see how you are very dear to your friends and to your lovely family!
    I've been a little busy lately because I have gone too far from home and when I return I only have time to look after the affairs of every day.
    Dear friend, a very happy and peaceful week of rest for you!
    Hugs, Neli.

  4. The heath would rather be good for me, but not the humidity with it. Good you have airco(although I always hated airco, even if it is necessary at times).
    But good you have time to relax and stay in to do things you like at any time you want to.
    Very distressing to hear about all those crazy people, harming others for what? Like the drama in Orlando and now again in england, murder of a member of parliament!
    Why cannot people have different opinions and still live next to eachother in rather good harmoney?
    Little rescued Roxie is adorable and I am glad she found a caring home.
    Going to catch up on Mrs Edna's blog now and then post on my own.
    Have a fantastic weekend and week ahead