Saturday, June 4, 2016

Just Swimming!!

I don't know how to rain has got to stop!! We had 20 days of rain in May.  (Not as many days or as much rain as last year, but a real close second).  This morning, we are seeing the sun trying ever so hard to peek through those clouds and my driveway is beginning to dry off....Yay!!  I so need to mop my floors, but with all the rain (every day) last week, it was not happening! Today, I think it will happen!  I also need to take my car and get all the muddy kitty prints off of it...LMBO!
I did manage to create a bit last week in between the lightning strikes of course! I created a page for my sister Kathy's birthday on the's a freebie QP by Carin Grobe Designs called Giraffe Kisses.  Kathy collects giraffe's of all kinds and sizes. The photo I used is not very plain, it was made about 1951 or so of her and I.
Then I got this fantastic free frame from Kimeric Kreations that I just had to use, so Jade and Ruby won the honors....they are growing up so fast.
Of course, can't do a page for the girls without doing one for Jayson (Bud) so I extracted him from a photo and put him on a cute scene freebie by Neli at Lugar Encantado Da Neli, does he look at home here?
I used a cute frame from Fecnikek to create this page for Annabeth and Eliza...don't remember who created the paper I used for the background. The wordart is by April the Scrapaholic.
Pretty Miss Hayden has lost a front tooth and I think she is just too adorable not to create a memory page of it. I used a QP titled A Moment to Remember by Bekah E Designs at Digital Scrapbooking Studio and not sure about the WA, I changed the color, but no TOU with it, I've had it quite a  while.
Cannot make a page for her without completing the rest of the crew, so here's her brothers, Calvin & Wayne in a page I created using a kit by ADB Designs and a train stamp too since Calvin is gaga over trains right now....LOL! The wordart is by Alybet.   Such handsome young men!!
I also created a cluster frame for June for Miriam's Scraps using the Rose (June Flower) and pearls (June Gem) if you want to use it.
It's been fun getting back into scrapping, but with the storms and the increasing deterioration of the carpal tunnel and arthritis, the use of my right thumb creates a bit of discomfort...I know I have to make an appointment with the doctor soon and just get it taken care of! Geez, getting older is not for wimps, believe me!
Okay, I did not get this posted yesterday and last night I got this cute, cute photo from Maggie (sent to me on FB) of the 5 cousins together.  You cannot get them to sit still or pose together, so she did a video and screen snapped this shot...just HAD to make another page this morning using it. I used a stacked paper by Studio 4 and a frame from Miriam and redid an old wordart to create it. Penny and Weymond are really blessed by these adorable grand babies. Calvin, Eliza, Hayden, Annabeth & Wayne.

So, guess I had better get up from here, give my hand and bum a rest and get busy trying to mop these dirty floors. That's it for today, y'all have a wonderful weekend making lots and lots of memories to share. Chat more next time. Hugs, Mat


  1. Heard on the news about the terrible rains in your area, but here in Europe some countries have floods and lots of rain too. All that rain should really stop now, so that people can go back to their homes, and see what is left of it and start again. The soil just needs to dry for a longer time now.
    Glad you are still oay, but all that thunder and lightning and such isn;t the most pleasant way to spend time with!
    ou really should make an appointment with a doctor now. ou just cannot let it linger on.
    And now, getting older isn;t all too much fun, often.
    we have lovely weather here, will stay for a couple of days, then later in the week they say temps ill drop for about 5-8 degress, which is too much to my liking, But who knows, it can change later perhaps.
    So for now we enjoy the good weather, it does marvels to the garden.
    Stay safe, have a wonderful weekend,

  2. Your new scrap pages are all just beautiful. I agree, the children grow up so fast. Or is it that now that we are older the time just slips by us much quicker than before? haha, six of one, half dozen of the other.

    Gosh I hope all the flooding rains everywhere will stop so that folks can get their lives back.

    Don't worry too much about the muddy footprints on your car. Be thankful that your kitties are all okay. The car can be replaced, not so with the kitties.

    You're right, getting old is not for the squeamish. But we shall muddle through it. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Hi Mat thanks for stopping by, can always count on you to leave a comment to. Thank you. Your scrap pages are wonderful, I have to try to get some done, things should be slowing down around here and maybe i'll have time to set down and scrap. We have to help our daughter move next month and then at the end of August we will be going to Texas to see our grandson graduate form basic training (Air Force),
    Had a great weekend at the cabin, but it's good to be home.
    Take care Mat, will talk again soon.
    Hugs Donna