Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First fireplace fire of the season!

The power went off at 4:50 last evening during the weather portion of the news where they were saying we had a 25 degree drop in temperature for one day and the wind chill bringing it down to 39....great, I'll build a fire for warmth and light! Call to the Electric Co states should be back on by 8 p.m~they showed up several times to the transformer in our backyard and the one down the street. Neighbors gathered around the fireplace to talk in the candle/firelight! The "girls" really enjoyed the fireplace warmth! We munched on apples and chips thinking power would be back on any minute....WRONG...2:30 a.m. we finally had electricity again. Good thing too as we finally had to turn on the heat this morning as it hit 40 degrees for real without the windchill of 29 degrees. I think someone up in Canada forgot to close her door and let all the cold air descend upon us....LOL! Just kidding Carol! Supposed to be colder this evening, so guess we will have another fire for the "kitty girls" to enjoy, except I will make a nice big pot of soup to have for tonight. I thought I would upload this page I created for a Extraction Fun challenge on SBF. The challenge is to take a couple of photos and make one that looks real, but would never be, and scrap the created photo! Whew! Lots of work, but I am pleased with the results. Hope you like it. The first page is the finished product, the second page is what I used to create the page. The "girls" were extracted from photos in the backyard or house and the bg is a photo I took in Roundrock, TX in 2007 of the huge Agave Cactus on the hotel property where we were staying. The frame I did with brushes and the elements are from Miss Doodles Autumn kit (Angelescrappers), the wording is all mine this time! Well, got work to do...so guess I better get to it! Thanx for stopping by and will chat with y'all again soon! Luv, Mat

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