Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine!

We are so happy to see sunshine! The girls and I actually got to be outside in the small yard off the kitchen yesterday! We listened to the birds and the music of the falling leaves. It was a beautiful quiet time in the neighborhood with no dogs barking, no cars or car horns, nothing! Amazing how peaceful it was. We actually heard the leaves dancing across the rooftop on their way down. Pricked the girls ears and caused some darting a few times. They were surely comical to watch! Anyway, after about 30 minutes, life resumed and they went inside as I went to the front flower beds to attack some of the much neglected dead plants and weeds. It's a real slow process as one handed don't get it done fast, but I got about a third of it cleaned. Now, IF I can stand today or attempt to bend over...LOL...I will tackle some more of it. I cannot believe I still have so many flowering plants that are full, full, full of blooms. My geraniums are simply bursting and the begonias are so full they are overflowing their pots. (now that I can see them...LOL)! I will try taking a few photos today to scrap and share. Today's pages are someI made for some challenges on SBF...hope you like them. Make today memorable and we will chat later y'all! Luv, MatThis is for a specific challenge of only using ABC in the page, I have an Autumn background, Button, Bird & Butterfly and Cats and clip! The photos are mine of course of my "girls" the rest is by TLC Creations from the CWKHM kit and cuddlebeeze 5of30 kit.This is for a dimples, dimples, dimples challenge. The frame is by Lady Shannon.This is for animal encounters challenge. It is Mike's dad in Custer State Park in South Dakota who got out to photograph the buffalo up close against advice to stay in the car...LOL!

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