Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Morning to All

Morning to all, looking at another lovely fall day today! Daddy got up all the leaves in the side yard, so the "girls" can go out to play, so here is a QP I found by Angelflight that I wanted to use. Don't they look happy? Anytime they get to go out they seem happy and sleep so much when they come back inside! But, that allows me time at the computer without one in my lap or one on the desk...usually! But today...Oreo is here softly snoring as I type! MZKitty and Pumpkin are asleep in the bedroom, one on the bed, the other on the headboard on her pillow. I have clothes in the washer and the rest of my "housework" done. I suppose I really need to do a little grocery shopping so will sign off for now and get that done early! Y'all have a terrific memorable day and will chat with you again later! Luv, Mat

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