Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Sunday Morning!

We have SUNSHINE again...yipee!! With the weather so frightful in so many places, guess we should not complain here with our recent cold snap, but 30+ degree drop in just a couple hours with lots of wind is NOT normal for Texas this time of year. Takes a toll on the old body too, so am happy (as are my aching joints) that the sun has chosen to shine today. Temps should rise as rapidly as they fell a couple days ago too! The "girls" will be happy to be allowed a few minutes outside too, to investigate all my dead plants that got frozen despite covering them up. Anyhow, guess I will get up from this computer and go out to enjoy it with a fresh cup of coffee. Before I go, will leave a couple of new pages I made of Jade and Ruby with some of the new photos I got off Christina's facebook. Enjoy the autumn or fall backgrounds I used from last years Fall Splendor Blog Train. Thanx Linda for the wonderful Wordart you give so freely! Y'all continue making great memories to share and those of you that are experiencing sub zero weather, hope you are staying warm. Luv y'all! Mat

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