Friday, December 25, 2009

White Christmas?? In Texas??

Where are my lights? They looked lovely shining through the snow.
See the snow still falling?
Yep, been here 36 yrs and this is the FIRST white Christmas we have had. We went from 78 degrees on the 23rd to 1/2 inch of rain that turned into 3 inches of snow on the 24th and it is still there this morning with the 22 degrees and wind chill of 10! The sun has come out and it is finally beginning to melt a little bit. Here are some photos I had fun making last night. The wind was so terribly cold and blowing the snow sideways and sometimes in just whirlwinds. It is so lovely to see from the inside with the warmth of the fireplace. Glad it won't be sticking around though. Hope you and yours are having a most wonderful of Christmas' making lots of favorite memories. From our home to yours a joyous holiday with your loved ones. Chat later y'all! Luv, Mat

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