Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goodbye Annie Golightly!!

(This is a QP I made using Miriam's Scraps newest kit called Aged Wedding and my personal photos)
We have all lost a great lady and friend! Annie Golightly (nee Annie Mack Milford Smith) passed from this world on February 28th! I am certainly going to miss her.
She was my neighbor for a few years, but I followed her escapades a long while before actually meeting her. I remember hearing her perform in Cowtown when we were both a lot younger...LOL!
As neighbors we were always doing things together. She would fix breakfast, or we would have martini time together and catch up at the end of the day, or we were grilling outside, setting up tables in the yard while the whole courtyard enjoyed a picnic together! We would fix a pot of beans, some macaroni salad and yes, Annie's fantastic jalapeno cornbread. She could really hold all's attention when she told of her adventures. We both shared a love of being outdoors, our plants, and of course, our cats!! Her, Tuff, owned this neighborhood. He would visit each of us as he strolled outside each morning and evening! O he loved to be brushed and how he loved to torment Annie into getting up earlier than she wanted to!
I helped proof Annie's book and aided her with editing the jacket of her book "Dreams and a White Horse" (of her journey via a cattle drive from Ft. Worth, Texas to Miles City, Montana). I can remember when she got the first shipment of the books. How we devised an order form and record for sales of the books. I even bought some that she personally autographed for family members! It's a great tale and cleverly written.
We shared birthday cakes, tears over lost friends, views of the news and newsmakers, her paintings, anxieties at illnesses and loads and loads and loads of laughter together over a cold beer for me and a martini for her! Even though we weren't close enough to visit in the last couple of years, she was always in my thoughts and through e-mails and phone calls, we kept in touch until she could no longer use her computer. I even did a family tree for her family before she moved from here. She was so very interesting to talk with. I loved to hear her sing, I loved her paintings, I loved her toughness, her independence, her wit and humor with a written word, her talent for painting, her down home cooking, her love of performing and her friendship, but most of all, I loved HER and I will miss her dearly! Goodby Annie!!


  1. Mat, I'm so sorry you lost such a good friend......but you will always have the memories,,,,

  2. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. You 2 built a well of memories to hold you til you meet again. What a treasure she left you with those memories! They will comfort you through the days of missing her. God be with you Mat. ((hugs))

  3. It's sad news to hear you lost a dear person in your life. You have shared a lot, and you will always remember those precious moments. And then she never will be forgotten. It's a gift to have known such a terrific lady.