Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog Snafu!

During an attempt to change my blog background we ran into a snafu of some sort that deleted a lot of my blog content and would not (no way) change the background. Since we could not find the reason why nor get the codes to work properly, we decided to create a whole new blog and export all that was left to the new blog (that is all that we knew that was safe to transfer)! So with Linda's tireless effort to get my blog back up and working properly, she was able to retrieve all of my posts and comments. I have recreated my favorite links, my cbox remarks and my Blog Sisters links. For now, that will be all I will put on the blog until we see if it keeps working! After a while, the old blog will be deleted. When you get to the new one, please resign in as a follower, all those did not transfer. Please make a note of the new address change as well.
Now, just gonna take a deep breath, a relaxing break from the computer and hope it keeps working. My eternal thanx to Linda at Random Thoughts for all her assistance and for the great background layout she came up with! Y'all all have a great day, chat more next time. Mat

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