Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm a bad Auntie!!

Yesterday was my great nephew's birthday...and lazy me forgot to put up the pages I had created to remember it. So very sorry, but here is the 2 page layout I did using a couple of freebies from Granny Enchanted. I used some of my favorite shots from his birth, with his mom, with his dad, in an outfit I sent him, and one with both of his sisters and cousin while we were there in July and then one his mom posted on FB just a few days ago. Isn't he just adorable? Happy First Birthday belatedly Jayson! Aunt Neenie loves you bunches!
I didn't forget, really I didn't, just have been so down with my back for almost a month now and unable to sit at the computer for very long. With the medicines the doctor gave me, I was sleeping mostly, then after a couple of falls, he decided to change my medicines to prednisone that seems to be helping with the sciatica pain. I had xrays and MRIs with contrast on Wednesday, waiting to see what those show. Anyhow, just trying to get over this latest attack with it. We have been so very warm and windy, but now the front is about to descend on us again to drop temps to more normal for this time of year and some rain supposedly for tonight and most of tomorrow. We really do need it! Well, been here long enough, got to get up and move before I can't, so will chat more with you later! Have a marvelous weekend making lots of terrific memories to share! Luv, Mat


  1. First of all, thank you in triple for your so lovely words on the event with Dikkie. Every message I got form so many people in fct was a little ray of sunlight and makes Dikkie even more special!

    Sorry to hear your back isn;t doing any better, at least not much, and I do hope the scans will show some result and that there will be a treatment found for you.
    What a wonderful little Jason you showed ! Oh, he's cute!
    Despite of your back playing big tricks with you I hope you will have a wonderful weekend and lovely week to come.
    Hug and hug again

  2. Gosh, I hope your back gets much better soon. Your layouts are beautiful. Don't the little ones grow fast? Before you know it, he'll be a teenager. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Edna B.