Sunday, October 7, 2012


I am so very thankful that my sister-in-law, Myrl and her daughter, my niece Sebrina were together and not at home last evening when the house had an electrical short and caught fire. They saw the smoke from about 3 miles away and "listened to their inner voices" telling them to check it out! Thankfully a neighbor made sure the dog was let out of the house and 7 firetrucks were called to the scene as they had to stand by and watch the house destroyed. Sure, they lost a lot of material belongings (some can be replaced, some can't) but for sure, Myrl and Sebrina could not be replaced and I am so very glad God was watching over them and they were not at home asleep when the fire broke out! The Red Cross put them in a hotel for a couple of nights, and after a few hours of cooling down the hot spots, etc they were going to be allowed in to see if they could salvage anything. Myrl's car was also burned along with the house. According to the Fire Chief the fire started in the improper wiring in the attic above the computer and freezer. The landlord was called to the scene, but he never spoke with Myrl or Sebrina. (pretty crappy if you ask me). I know they have had an outpouring of friends, relatives and their church to assist them during this very shocking time (as small towns do ya know?) Sure wish I could have gone down there, but not able to right now. I did talk with both of them last night, we said a prayer and they tried to get some rest. I am so thankful that Myrl chose to share photos of Sebrina as she grew up so now I will be busy trying to copy some of them to send to her, she was most heartbroken over losing all of Sebrina's baby photos, graduation photo and hers and my deceased brother's wedding photos. Today was a day for adjusting and healing and saying Thank You God for watching over them both. We are still blessed they are still in our family! Just had to do this page (via Miss Linda at Random Thoughts) to share on Facebook. Here's hoping y'all have a fabulous Columbus day and that the week ahead is a memorable one for all of you! Luv, Mat

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