Monday, October 22, 2012

Jayson's Cotton Candy

I snitched this cute photo of Jayson eating cotton candy from Christina's Facebook and just had to do a quick page of it. I took the partial candy and copied it to make it look like a full cone of candy...putting it so that it looks like he is offering it to you. The expression on his face is simply adorable. I used Kyra's newest free kit called Moments without Time as well as a cluster from the same kit by Arlene. Hope you like this as much as I do. Have a terrific week ahead. Chat more later, Luv ya! Mat


  1. Oh, that expression is just too precious! What a great layout. I also love your kitty pages on the previous post. I agree that our furry babies are extra special gifts. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. It's a fun layout you've made. The pic itself is already priceless, but how lovely it looks al together in that clusters from Arlene.
    Well done and...thanks for using our stuff!
    Have a great day and also already a wonderful week!

  3. An adorable scrap page Mat and he sure is a cutie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The weather here is sunny but cool today, 38 degrees. Me and Chinook went for our daily walk early this morning and it was just a bit chilly! Jim is working this weekend (nights) so I'm catching up on a bit of my scrapping. Trying to do some layouts that I can have blown up for Posters for the grandkids for Christmas. I have 7 of them to do- yucks!
    Getting stuff rounded up for out Hunting trip up North next Friday, will be gone for 5 days. I'm taking my computer- won't have internet but will be able to work in my Photoimpact program on the computer.I don't hunt, I'm the chief cook and bottle washer!
    Usually try to get my Christmas letter wrote, so that when it's time, I just have to make copies and I'm done. Last year I did all the grandkids Santa letters- decided this year I was going to quit. Oh it's sad when they grow up! You have a great weekend too. Will talk to u soon.