Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just Luv Dem Kitty Gurls Noses!

I have been experimenting with the camera on my Galaxy II phone!  Of course, my kitty girls are the target...LOL! I used some Autumn brag book freebies by Amanda to display some of them. Plus I used a kit by Lesley Mason at Scrapiness Down Under to make a page for them all together with wordart by April the Scrapoholic!  I also used the same kit for Miss Hayden's 4th birthday and wordart by Miss Linda that I posted on Facebook, but am putting on here for those of you that are not on Facebook (and so it will be in my next published blog book)!


The weather here is simply gorgeous....a little warm in the late afternoon, but the evenings and early mornings are simply perfect.  We had a little stormy Saturday night with high winds (blew over all my flower pots) but just enough rain to give all the flowers and grass a nice boost. We have mid 80's during the daytime and high 50's at night. Today, a light gentle breeze from the south...I still have all my windows open! (yes, the house needed dusting again, so up goes the windows to rearrange it)!
Well, time to feed the girls and the birds outside as well as my mommy cat and her 3 babies that have taken up residence in my back yard! Then fix a bite to eat, clean up and get ready for DWTS the results and then The Voice and the second debates are tonight too! Will chat with y'all some more next time, in the meantime, hope you are making lots of memories to share! Luv, Mat

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  1. Lovely pics of your furry babes!
    Oh, what nice temps you still have, I am a little bit jealous LOL!
    See you around!