Friday, November 9, 2012

I think Fall is finally arriving in Texas

We have been having 80-85 degree days and it has been lovely, if a little on the warm side. Today the wind is really blowing, causing a leaf shower and making the leaves dance across the driveway at a pretty speed. This leads my girls to run to the windows to check out the activity and the noise, causing them to leave lots of "nose art" on my windows.  If we can believe what ALL the local weather guys are saying, we will see a cold front moving in late Sunday afternoon bringing some much needed rain and quite cooler temperatures. It is about time! At least we are not like some folks that are already shoveling that wet and cold white stuff!
I haven't been on the computer as much as I would like, trying to give my aching back a little break, so I haven't been blogging. Did ya miss me? I'll bet not!
I had a pleasant surprise a little over a week ago when my nephew, Jeff (Kathy's youngest son) stopped in for a few hours on his way back to Illinois.  He had been in Austin a couple of days and dropped in for about 5 hours or so just to break up the drive (and to see me too)! I fixed us a chicken pot pie and we ate, and talked, and talked and talked. After all, this is the first and only one of my family that has ever been to my house in the last 26 years. I was very excited! So was MzKitty, she just loved all over Jeff. The other two scaredy cats just stayed hid and would not EVEN come out to say hi!
I have been snitching photos off Facebook again, so I decided to use a couple of  free QPs to share with you. The first is of Hayden and Blair on Maggie's horse. Aren't they cute? I used a QP by Lanell at Never Forget Memories called Standing Tall. The other is from Miriam (so nice to have her back for a few days while she is visiting friends) it is from her new orange kit. The top photo is Jade & Ruby at their great uncle's wedding, then in the middle is Christina with Jayson and the bottom is Ruby feeding Jayson some of her ice cream. Just too adorable.

Well I think my shortribs and rice is ready, so gonna go eat and feed all my critters! Y'all have a great weekend and have fun making more memories to share. Chat with you more next time! Luv, Mat

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