Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another lovely surprise!

2 more gorgeous layouts by Kyra of my Sweet MzKitty and the cutie Tom after his surgery. I will have to upload photos more often so she can do others....LOL....seriously, aren't they simply lovely to look at? She is just the sweetest lady! So very talented and makes such beautiful scraping kits and then she generously shares them all for free three times a week. I think I have every kit she has offered from her early, early days to now. Thanks again Kyra for the surprise, the kits and especially your friendship. Many hugs sent across the ocean to you!
Man, it has been so very cold, cold, cold for us this week. We were to have a "dusting" of snow that turned into an inch or more (some places close got 2-3 inches) the temperature was 17 with wind chills at zero and the police worked more than 1200 accidents on the highways on Thursday alone. Yesterday it was still cold, but the flakes flew north and south of us...and today it is finally above freezing so the leftover snow is melting. The good thing is the wind has totally stilled so it is not so bad going outside. I had an appointment for my mammogram on Wednesday morning, got all my chores done and all my shopping done and I have hibernated since then. We were asked to conserve as much energy as we could during those days, no excessive usage if at all possible(no washers/dryers/computers/etc)...because of the strain on the Electric Plants and possible black, they finally lifted that restriction. Needless to say, I got some much deserved rest and got a lot of reading done on my Kindle!
Did you watch the opening ceremonies last evening? Weren't they grand? I am excited the Olympics are under way. Sochi,  Russia is not that far from where I spent 2 years in Yalova, Turkey. That area of the world is very lovely when the weather cooperates, and they are warmer than most of us are here....ROFL! I will be glued to the TV in about another hour until bedtime as the games start about 1:30. I've gotten all my chores done, house is clean, laundry is done, me & cats have full we are ready to pile up together and watch them.
I am still creating pages for Amy, to date, I have 70 pages for her to choose from for her books. I hope she likes them, I sent her an email with 58 of them in thumbnail size this morning....LMBO! Now, I am going to visit with Kyra, Miss Edna and Neli for a couple of minutes before I shut down for the afternoon and evening. Y'all have a great weekend and whatever you choose to do...make lots of memories to share!
Luv y'all!  Mat    Go Team USA!


  1. Happy you liked the layouts, they were fun to make!
    The opening of the Olympics was beautiful and hey, yesterday we had a wonderful day in speedskating! 5000 mtrs. nr. 1-2-3 all Dutchies!With our Sven Kramer(gold) in a fabtastic new Olympic record!
    Today again speedskating, now for women 3000 mtrs. We have chances there too.
    But we also watch a lot of the other sports. Busy times LOL!
    Hopefully winter will leave your part of the world. We still don;t have any of it(yuppeeee).
    Have a great weekend.

    P.S. hope your mammogram will have good news.

  2. What gorgeous Scrap pages Kyra has made for you! I agree, she is so very talented and generous. Poor Tommy. But I am sure he will feel so much better in just a few days. This winter has brought some really wicked cold and bad weather to most of the country. I am so hoping for a great Spring. I am watching the Olympics too. These young folks are pretty awesome! You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Bom dia, amiga Mat!
    Estes framea da Kyra estão lindíssimos!
    Mat, obrigada pela visita e pelos lindos comentários, fiquei muito sensibilizada...
    Querida amiga, um dia tranquilo e feliz para você!
    Abraços, Neli.

  4. Translated by Google...
    Good day, friend Mat!
    These frame the drives are Kyra!
    Mat, thanks for the visit and the beautiful comments, I was very appreciative ...
    Dear friend, a peaceful and happy day for you!
    Hugs, Neli.