Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yea...Winter is back for another visit....UGH!

We had some pretty nice spring weather there for a week or so....now old man winter is rearing his ugly head again...! Will this winter never leave us? I know we haven't had it as bad as other up north, but it has been rough for this part of the country just the same. I am thankful everyday that I moved from the frozen north to the sunny south after this weather they have had. When it got to zero here it was bad, but only for a couple of days, up north of us...it got way below zero and has stayed there...I feel for all of you. We had almost 80 mid week last week, this mid week, we are expecting sleet and below freezing temps starting tonight, but it will be back to 70 by the weekend. Crazy, crazy weather patterns all over the world this time. Even the Olympics suffered because of the weather. I am sorry to see the Olympics end, but kind of glad I can do something else now, but watch TV...LOL! This is the first time I have been able to watch all of it and enjoyed it immensely. We did well in the medal count too! Loved the ice dancing portion this year!

I did manage to do some scrapping, as I said earlier, I was working on a project for my niece Amy, half way through with it and am having a good time doing it too! Here are a few pages I've made recently that I shared on Facebook, just want to have them in my blog book when I print it the end of the year...let's see if I can remember all the fantastic designers that helped in these pages...LOL!
Miss Hayden is fishing away here in a kit by aimeeh at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
Jade at her Father/Daughter dance in a lovely page using Kyra's Lady in Red kit with a cluster by Arlene.
And little Ruby's dance was the same night, so mommy and Jayson went with her. Here she is in a kit by Raspberry Road Designs called Country Loving.
My TBT (Throw Back Thursday) page for Facebook of my sister Penny in a lovely QP by Laurrie at CheyOkota Digital Scraps.
Me and Penny in early 80's I think, this QP is also by Laurrie at CheyOkota Digital Scraps.
Here's one to say Congrats to my "step" grandson, Emilio, upon his graduation from boot camp and training at Ft. Leonardwood.  He is headed to Korea for a year...so proud of him, this QP is by Sugarbutt Designs. the photos are of him and his dad Miguel.

Guess that will be all for now, gotta shut down and finish dinner as THE VOICE is on again tonight. I just love, love, love that show...could it be because of Blake Shelton...O yes, yes, yes!  ROFL...chat more with you guys next time...meantime.....keep making all those memories to share with all of us. Have a great week ahead and hope you can stay safe and warm wherever you may be.  Hugs, Mat


  1. Sorry for your bad weather, we still have rather nice one here. And yes, weren;t the Olympics great? But in a way, just like you, I am also glad it is over, gives time to watch other things again and do some more other things too!
    Love that layout of your sister, in the black and white.
    Going to post now on my blog, you'll read all about the past days here, LOL.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Bom dia, querida Mat!
    Lindo layout do seu blog e lindas fotos e molduras!
    É uma pena que o inverno esteja tão duro aí, mas ele logo passa e chega a primavera.
    Querida Mat,, minha bisneta deve nascer nestes próximos 15 dias e eu e a mãe dela(minha neta Rebecca) estamos muito atarefadas com tudo. Vamos ter meus filhos aqui, eles vem conhecer a bebê que vai chegar. Meu filho(pai da Rebecca) vem conhecer a neta e minha filha(tia da Rebecca) vem conhecer a sobrinha neta.
    Estamos todos muito felizes e ansiosos com a chegada do novo membro da família.
    Querida amiga Mat, só escrevi sobre minha família, então você deve imaginar como estou feliz.
    Não se preocupe com os seus comentários que amo tanto, mas o que importa é a nossa amizade e nós fazemos o que podemos e com o tempo que temos. Sei que você, assim como eu, tem muitas coisas para fazer, não é?
    Querida amiga, um maravilhoso e tranquilo resto de semana para você e sua família!
    Grande abraço, Neli.

  3. I agree about the ice skating this year. It was just awesome!! Your scrap pages are gorgeous, and I agree with Kyra about the black and white photo page of your sister. It's just beautiful! Great job! There are lots of little green sprouts poking through the snow and ice in my gardens, so I guess Spring really be here soon. Can't come soon enough for me! Spring is my favorite season, followed by Autumn. Unless of course, this climate change makes a mess of these two seasons too. lol. I didn't get much sleep last night, so now I'm off for a nice nap. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Neli's Comments translated by Google....

    Good day, dear Mat!
    Gorgeous layout of your blog and beautiful photos and frames!
    It's a shame that the winter is so hard there, but it soon passes and spring comes.
    Dear Mat, my granddaughter to be born in these next 15 days and I and her mother (my granddaughter Rebecca) are very busy with everything. Let's take my kids here, they come to know the baby will arrive. My son (Rebecca's father) comes to know his granddaughter and my daughter (Aunt Rebecca) comes to know the grandniece.
    We are all very happy and looking forward to the arrival of the new family member.
    Dear friend Matt, I just wrote about my family, so you can imagine how happy I am.
    Do not worry about your comments that I love so much, but what matters is our friendship and we do what we can and with the time we have. I know that you, like me, has many things to do, is not it?
    Dear friend, a wonderful and peaceful rest of the week for you and your family!
    Big hug, Neli.