Monday, June 16, 2014

Busy Weekend!

My little Tommy started getting sick on Wednesday, didn't look much better on Thursday and when Friday got here, he was very lethargic and listless, would not eat or drink to the vet we went. His first time in a carrier since he was fixed in February and he didn't even cry. After 2 hours, and blood tests and $327 we were told he is severely dehydrated and in kidney failure.  I had 2 options, leave him at hospital for 2 days of IVs at $125 a day or take him home and do the Sub Q hydration, with no guarantees, but sometimes it can reverse.  Needless to say, I've had a very busy weekend of loving, coaxing to eat and a neighbor that helped with the hydration and giving him an antibiotic tablet each morning....! I am just heartbroken and so sad for him...he is down to 5 pounds. He turns a year old this month and has had no problems.  He has not been vomiting nor had diarrhea so cannot understand the dehydration.  He finally threw up on Saturday evening. After the treatment last evening....he is on an eating binge and is visiting the litter box again...not real perky yet...but so much better than the limp dishrag he was over the weekend. The "girls" are all checking on him quite often!  I hope this means he is taking a turn for getting the kidney functions back, but I am still guarded on that...Dr. M told me to bring him back for a recheck tomorrow. He actually was up and waiting to eat this morning and is now sleeping peacefully.  I guess prayers, sheer will and lots of TLC does work. Other than that, I had a rather quiet and peaceful weekend. I hope all of you had a marvelous Father's day weekend with lots of family and friends to celebrate with so you could make/share lots and lots of memories. Here is photo of Tommy I made on Tuesday when he was feeling okay. He wanted me to hold he is not spoiled rotten....ROFL!
I did a QP for Dad's on Miriam's Scraps using her It's All Wood kit plus a lacy border or lacy border with frames if you would like them.

Chat more with y'all injuries are healing nicely, but still not sitting or standing on the leg for more than an hour at a time.  Thanks for dropping by and leaving such nice comments, I love reading all of them. Y'all have a great week ahead. Hugs, Mat


  1. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about Tommy. You were right to take him to the vet, so at least you know what is the matter with him. Gosh, those prices are terrible! And so right of you to take him home and take care of him youself. I think sometimes that can help too, to have them in their own surroundings, they feel safe then.
    And sighing from relief when I read he is doing much better, but probably has still some way to go. Good sign he was on the litter box again and now has eaten something again. I cross my fingers and send a little prayer that he will recover completely, he sure is trying !
    Touching always to see how pets just know there is something wrong with one of them and always check it out and are real nice to the sick one.
    Hope the visit for the check will give good news.!
    Take care dear,

  2. Bom dia, querida amiga Mat!
    Estão acontecendo coisas ruins para você, mas vai melhorar tudo agora, ok?
    Fiquei com pena da sua gatinha... fico muito preocupada quando minhas poodles adoecem.
    Mat, o dia dos pais aqui no Brasil é em agosto...
    Querida amiga, desejo boa sorte e saúde para você e para todos em seu lar!
    Grande abraço, Neli.

  3. translated by Google

    Good day, dear friend Mat!
    Bad things are happening to you, but will improve everything now, ok?
    I was sorry for your kitty ... I get very worried when my poodles sick.
    Mat, Father's Day here in Brazil is in August ...
    Dear friend, wish you good luck and health to you and everyone in your home!
    Big hug, Neli.

  4. OH Mat, I'm so sorry to hear that Tommy has been so sick. I do hope the medicine will be able to reverse the situation. It is heart breaking to watch out beloved fur babies hurting so. I know how expensive it can be at the vet hospital, but when the care heals our pets it is worth the price.

    Eating and using the litter box is usually a good sign. Let's hope he keeps on this way, and gets good news at his check up. I'll include him in my prayers, and also ask for a little rain for you.

    Be well my friend, and take care of yourself too. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.